DNA Dramas: Results

DNA Dramas: Results

Terrie looks back at what brought the family to this point. She says, "I heard from someone when Trevor was born that Diane had had an affair, and that they got a paternity test done. Is that why my grandson doesn't look like his dad? So I said, 'What did you do, get an online paternity test?' and [Adam] said, 'Yes.' I didn't believe the test for one minute. It's not a real test when you do it online."

Back in his studio, Dr. Phil says, "I have the DNA results from one of the top DNA labs in the country. It's DNA Diagnostics Center."

But first, he shares the results of his online poll. The poll asks simply, "Do you trust your daughter-in-law?" "Surprisingly, this is not uncommon," says Dr. Phil. He reveals that 40 percent of respondents answered no. "You didn't invent this," Dr. Phil tells Terrie, "but you don't trust her. You said you're afraid to even be in the room with her."

"She just conjures up one lie after the other," Terrie confirms.

"Let's assume you're right." Dr. Phil projects, "Let's assume that, unfortunately, Adam is not this child's father. Now, what do you do?"

"It's mostly so he'll know," Terrie says. "Because that way when she's drunk and giving him hell that maybe he'll get tired of it one day."


"Giving who hell?" Diane asks, raising her voice. "You're not a part of our lives, Terrie. You don't know who gives who hell!"

"Let's be honest," Dr. Phil says to Terrie. "You hope you're right."

"I do," she replies.

"That's hateful," says Diane. "That's why you are the most evil."

"She's needs to be out, because she's caused nothing but trouble," Terrie adds. "But not for him. I feel bad for my son because I know it will hurt him. And I don't want to see my son hurt either."

"It's not going to make a difference," says Adam. "It's really not going to matter what happens."

"What do you mean?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I mean that Diane is my wife. I love her," Adam says. "We've been through a lot of stuff together. It doesn't make a difference. Trevor's my son. I love him."

Dr. Phil asks Terrie, "What do you think when he says it's not going to matter?"

"I support his decision because he loves children, and it's his life, and he has to live it."

"But it is really about the child," says Dr. Phil, "or are you just trying to get rid of this woman? Are you just trying to get her out?"

"I'm sick and tired of her making trouble," says Terrie.

Dr. Phil says, "I have the sealed envelope in my hands that will tell us exactly who the real father is." Turning to Diane, he says, "Now you understand that this is from one of the leading diagnostic labs in the country. Are you going to dispute this, or are you going to accept it?" 

"I'm going to accept it," she says.

Adam adds, "It doesn't matter."

"Because you're going to do the same thing either way?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Yeah," he says.

"Are you going to accept this?" he asks Terrie.

"You did it, Dr. Phil," she says. "I know it's real."


Dr. Phil opens the envelope.

"The test results are conclusive to the absolute nth degree that, Adam, you are Trevor's father."

Terrie nods as Adam absorbs the news.

"Now who's hateful?" Diane asks Terrie angrily. "Look at all the time you've lost out on Trevor because you are being hateful."

Terrie responds, "I don't get around too much Diane because you're constantly accusing me of things that I didn't say, or I didn't " "

"No, Terrie," Diane interjects. "If you were around and actually were a part of our lives, you would understand that we have a happy life. You don't need to butt in and give us advice. We never asked for it from you."


"I don't butt in," says Terrie.


"You gave us a Dr. Phil book and said, 'You guys need to read this.'"

"Did you read it?" Terrie asks. "Answer me. You didn't read it."

"Do I have time? I have three kids and work full time," Diane says.

"All right, hold on," says Dr. Phil. He asks how they feel about the DNA results.

Terrie says, "I am happy because my son, I think, would have been devastated if it hadn't been his son. So I'm glad for my son's sake."


"Well, not five minutes ago you said, 'I hope it's not because that's one less link to the crazy woman,'" says Dr. Phil.

"Well, I'm not getting around her anymore anyway, so it doesn't matter," Terrie tells him. To Diane she says, "You wanted a paternity test done. As a woman I know."

"You know why I wanted a paternity test done?" asks Diane. "Because of you. Because I knew it would get back to you, and I knew you would do something like this."

"You're making that up, Diane," she says. "That's more of your conjuring. You were afraid it wasn't his."