Don't Be That Girl: The Social Experiment

When No One's Watching

In a social experiment, Travis; his cousin, Lance; and his friend, Russ, secretly observe the women talking about dating and their man troubles. Travis explains, "Usually, if I see a group of women in a room, I can figure out quickly what kind of that girl they are. So the three of us are just going to be

sitting here, and figuring out what kind of behaviors they engage in that may be sabotaging their relationships."

Katrina: A quality guy to me would be somebody dependable, trustworthy, honest, cute " he's got to be cute. I'm so shallow. I'm not even going to lie.

"Her profile says she refuses to date guys who aren't great looking," Travis tells his friends. 

Demetrice: I want them to be well-read. I want them to have an education.

Rebecca: I don't think it's too much to ask for a guy who has an education and who is intelligent.

"She's single and really wants to be married," Travis notes.

"So she's got the agenda," Russ says.

Rebecca: There's nothing worse than going out with a guy, and you have to dumb it down.

"It's all about the guys. It's about, ‘Oh, these poor guys. I've got to dumb it down for the guys.' We're not that stupid," Travis says, chuckling.


When asked what role they played in their last breakups, the women are silent.

"They have no clue why men are breaking up with them," Travis comments.

How do the women respond when a single male enters the room? Travis sends in Jason for a little Q and A.

Jason: Hi, girls. I'm Jason. So, Jennifer H., I have a great question for you. Are you a little bit nervous right now?

Jennifer H.: Very. Is my chest getting red?

"That's a tell-tale sign of being extremely self-conscious," Travis says. "He's not even in there on a date with her. He just walked in the room."


Jason: Katrina, what do you think about one-night stands?

Katrina: I think casual sex is OK. Each person knows, "This isn't going to go anywhere. This is fun. We're both lonely. Let me comfort you; you comfort me."

"She's having casual sex because she's lonely, and I think that's unfortunate because you're only going to feel more lonely the next day, when you wake up, and he leaves and never calls you again," Travis comments.


Jason: Rebecca, I have a question for you. Are you stressed because you're not married yet?

Rebecca: Yeah, actually, I am. There's a lot of pressure on young women to be married by a young 20s age, and so it is stressful. And I want to be married.

"This is one thing that I do talk about in my book, which is women feel so much stress to get married at a young age, and it's unfortunate that society or culture places that pressure on them," Travis says. 

Jason: Demetrice, what excuses do you use to not go out with a guy?

Demetrice: I have to work. I have papers to grade. That's my favorite one.

Jason: So what do you do for fun then?

Grade papers! I get together with some of my women friends, and we'll drink cosmos and talk.

Jason: What do you talk about?

Demetrice: Work.

"She needs another dimension there, or just find a better balance in her life. Does she have a vixen deep down inside of her?" Travis ponders.


Jason: Jennifer, you recently lost 100 pounds. How has that affected your dating life?

Jennifer R.: It changed my perspective on a lot of things. In my relationship that I was in for seven years, I was overweight for probably five years of it. And every year, I was gaining more weight. Every weekend, we would just hang out with his friends, and watch TV and eat. So, that's kind of what happens when you're comfortable.

"She lost herself in that relationship," Travis says. "Now, it's going to take her some time to discover who she really is."