A Ticking Time Bomb?
“Drew and Dallas fight daily,” the twins’ mom, Teresa, says.

“Dallas talks to me like a piece of trash,” Drew says.

“I egg him on because he’s asking for it,” Dallas explains.

Dan and Teresa use a video camera to show how the violence has turned into vandalism in their house. The footage documents graffiti covering the walls, holes in the walls, doors torn from their hinges and drug paraphernalia in the boys' rooms.

“The boys smoke marijuana for breakfast, lunch and dinner,” Dan says.

The twins say that many of their arguments center around drugs, and once, they were arrested and charged with domestic violence.

“Our house is a time bomb ready to explode,” Teresa says.

[AD]“I fear they may come into my room in the middle of the night and beat me in the head with a hammer,” Dan worries.

Dan and Teresa join Dr. Phil onstage and he asks them, “Are they in charge?”

“If you get in the middle of them, you are going to get knocked down,” Teresa replies. “They are in charge of our house right now."
Dr. Phil tells Dan and Teresa that they could be charged for the delinquency of a minor for knowingly letting Drew and Dallas take drugs and drink under their roof. “Dallas drank a fifth of Bacardi and got hit by a truck?” Dr. Phil asks the parents. They nod.

Teresa says that she lets the twins have their way because she doesn’t know what else to do. “They refuse counseling. The police will not step in. What do I do?” she asks. “We thought about running away!” she says of her and Dan. “I’m desperate, and I don’t know what else to do.”

Dr. Phil lists more of the twins' defiant behavior, including finding Drew in his parents' bed with a naked girl!

Dallas alleges that Drew’s temper is the real problem, but Drew disagrees. “I truly don’t think that I’m an angry person,” he says.

[AD]“Drew’s threatened to kill me and break every single thing that I have,” Dallas refutes.

“The violence and anger has got to end,” Dan demands.

“I’m afraid Drew or Dallas is going to end up dead,” Teresa worries.