Twice the Trouble
Drew and Dallas join the show, and Dr. Phil doesn’t mince words when he asks, “What the hell are you thinking?”

Drew reveals that he has no friends and resents his brother's friendships. When Dr. Phil questions Drew, Teresa interrupts and says that she believes Drew wants a close relationship with his brother and is angry when he turns him away.

[AD]“I know you want him,” Teresa says. “And he doesn’t want you.”

Drew begins to cry. He says, “I don’t have anger problems — I let it out when I need to. Dallas makes me shake and freak out. I can’t control all the anger.”

The boys reveal the source of their fights.

Dr. Phil lists how the boys' behavior has escalated through the years:

2006: While in the 6th grade, Dallas vandalizes a neighbor's house. “I know it was wrong,” he says about the incident.

2007: Drew breaks his hand fighting a kid at camp. “He punched me in the face, and I warned him, if he did it again, I would beat his *.”

2008: Drew and Dallas start smoking pot.

2010: Dan catches Drew having sex in the master bedroom bed.

June 2011: Dallas charged with reckless driving and hit-and-run. He loses his license and is fined $10,000. Drew destroys the fender on his car in an accident.

August 2011: Drew backs into a moving car. The accident results in $2,700 of damages. Drew punches Dallas and breaks his hand, requiring surgery.

[AD]September 2011: Drew and Dallas use hallucinogenic mushrooms, and Drew is taken to the hospital.

New Years Eve 2011: Drew gets drunk and is driven home by someone with no drivers’ license.

January 2012: Dallas knocks out a boy in gym class. Drew breaks down Dallas’ bedroom door twice. Dallas is hit by a truck and admitted to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and wounds from the accident. Drew knocks out Dallas’ teeth.
Dr. Phil tells the twins that they don’t understand that their relationship with each other affects every member of their family. He tells Dan and Teresa that their lack of discipline only enables the twins.

The parents admit that they let the twins smoke pot and make empty threats and they give them what they want to keep the peace. “I cave because somebody is going to get hurt, and I’m going to spend the whole night at the hospital again,” Teresa insists. “I work; I don’t have time to spend at the dentist and the hospital.”

“Hey, they are your kids,” Dr. Phil reminds Teresa.

“I don’t know what to do, and it has to stop!” she yells.

Dr. Phil tells Drew and Dallas that their conduct is immature and lacking empathy toward each other and toward their parents.

“If you knew what I knew about smoking as much dope as you’re smoking at your age, you would probably throw up right now,” Dr. Phil tells the twins. “It changes the neurology in your brain.”

“I’m wrong; big deal,” Dallas says belligerently.

“It is a big deal,” Dr. Phil persists.

Dr. Phil has Drew and Dallas look each other in the eyes for an experiment.

See more of that experiment here!

“Do you have any questions for me?” Dr. Phil asks Dan and Teresa.

“Can you help them?” Dan asks.

“No,” Dr. Phil says, simply. “I can help this family. But the problem is not them. It’s not too late for these boys. They are intelligent, articulate — and damaged. Drew is in a lot of pain, which expresses itself in anger. He wants, more than anything, to be accepted by his brother, but his brother is moving away from him because he finds his brother to be needy.

[AD]“The biggest problem that those boys have is you,” Dr. Phil continues, telling Dan and Teresa that the time to have intervened and taught the boys to respect boundaries has long passed. “I think they are on the cusp of serious problems in their lives.”

Dr. Phil suggests sending Drew and Dallas to separate schools within the Aspen Education Group, and offers Dan and Teresa therapy. They accept.