DP Family 8201: Katherine

Katherine Update

"When Dr. Phil told me Sean wasn't in the relationship as much as I was, and Sean said well, we're kind of even. It kind of made my stomach drop," Katherine reveals. "It made me feel upset, and I was really hurt, kind of broke my heart a little bit, but it's better to take the truth than lies."


Katherine says Sean is manipulative. "He lies. He can look you straight in the face and lie to you, and he doesn't really care about me. He's mean to me," she says.


After the show, Sean and Katherine continued to date for a month, and then they broke up. "He's hanging out with a 16-year-old girl. I immediately flipped out on Sean and told him to get out and that I didn't want anything to do with him anymore," Katherine says. "My heart is definitely broken, for sure. It's hard, but you can only take one step at a time."


[AD]In a previous show, Dr. Phil told Katherine, "There's a point at which you've got to value yourself enough that you say, 'You can't stand next to me because you are not worthy of doing that.'" She says she's taken that advice to heart. 


"Whenever I meet somebody, I'm like, are you worthy to stand by me? I'm a good person, and I know I am, and I'm not going to let anybody tell me different anymore," Katherine says.

Alexandra shares an emotional message with Katherine. "I love you, Katherine, but you're an alcoholic. You're a full-blown alcoholic. You didn't want to go to New York City for your 19th birthday. There's something wrong with you. You want to stay home all the time and not go and have the opportunities. I mean, you don't have children, you don't have any responsibilities but to go to school and be something great, and you're blowing it. And it makes me really angry that you have all these opportunities," she says. "I wish just for one second you could see the life that I live and see how lucky you are."


"Nothing in the video even hurt me one miniscule bit, because my sister has said horrifying things to me before, and that was her being polite and sweet," Katherine says. "My sister goes into rants. She just kind of flies off at the handle and she kind of says anything that comes to mind " every name in the book, any swear she can think of. She wants to attack you and hurt you. She just screams about anything that she thinks is going to hurt you the most at the moment.


"I'm not hurt by the fact that my sister called me an alcoholic, because you know, it's kind of like the pot calling the kettle black. My sister snorts hydrocodone, roxy's, OxyContin. I've seen her use in front of me. There's no rumors. I know it for sure," Katherine continues. "I drink, but what 19-year-old doesn't? My sister had a baby when she was 19. I didn't.


"I think that her mind is just clouded, and she needs some help, and she needs to get away from that trashy boyfriend of hers. He's not exactly my favorite person for my niece to be around. He's a horrible influence," Katherine says. "My sister doesn't look like a healthy person. She doesn't look like a happy person. Her face is sunken in. She's got black circles under her eyes. He made her dye her hair brown, and my sister's never been a brunette in her entire life. She's dropped probably 70 pounds, and you know my sister has never really been a size 2, and it ‘s great that she is, but she's doing it the wrong way.


"My sister, she's unhappy with her life, and she's trying to hurt me. I don't feel sorry for her because she dug herself this hole."