DP Family 8201: Message Board

Viewers Chime In

Tracy, a Dr. Phil viewer, expressed strong words for Dr. Phil on the message board. She talks with Dr. Phil via phone. "I watched it six years ago. I said I think those daughters are both going to down a wrong path, and then when I saw that Katherine, I had to comment," she says. "She's manipulating the system. She bats her eye lashes. She comes from a fairly privileged background, and she's taking advantage of that, and I think what she has to see is that she's not all that privileged, and she's not all that special. Her life is going to continue to go downhill if people aren't tougher on her. And I think she's trying to manipulate you as much as she's been manipulating her parents."


[AD]"There's no question this girl needs to understand that when she chooses the behavior she chooses the consequences," Dr. Phil says. He notes that because he hasn't been involved with the family for five years, he's trying to gather as much information as he can before he makes strong statements. "If you start getting very authoritarian with these teens too early, then they will shut down. they will wall off," he explains. "What I want to do is get her looking me in the eye, so I can tell her some choices that she needs to make that she's not making now. I can't do that if she runs away."