DP Family Alex and DP 8202: Erin

Alex and Erin

Dr. Phil asks Alex how her parents and sister feel about Anthony.

[AD]"Does it really matter?" she asks. "My mom doesn't like anybody, and neither does my dad." She adds that Erin doesn't like him because of the way he dresses. "They've never given him a chance. Tony has been nothing but respectful to both of them, anytime he's ever met them," she continues. "My mom has just been very difficult."

Alex grows emotional as she describes her relationship with her mother.

Dr. Phil reviews Alex's current situation and says, "This has to be a lonely feeling."

Alex shakes her head, wipes away tears and says, "I don't care what anybody says, at the end of the day, Tony is the only person who makes me feel like a person. I could have the worst day ever, and I come home and talk to him, and he makes me feel better. He supports me in anything."

"Describe your worst day," Dr. Phil says.

"Finding out my son couldn't live with me. Finding out that my mom is supporting Nathan's father's custody battle," she says, crying. "She's said that she would testify against me."

[AD]"Why? What's her reason for doing that?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I don't know," she says. "I'm not what she wants. I'm not my sister." She says that even though Katherine was thrown in jail, Erin stood by her side. "My mom was talking about me to her sisters, talking bad about me like a high school child, making comments about me and the way that I live," Alex says, wiping away tears. "I have a nice house. I don't have what she has, but I have a nice house. It's a house, and I can come home and call it mine, because it's something that I worked hard for."