DP Family Alex and DP 8202: Men

Her Choice in Men

Before Alex started dating Anthony, she married Chris and had a baby girl named Leilah. But shortly after their wedding, the relationship fell apart. "Chris was abusive to me in several situations, and I didn't want to be a victim, so he went to jail, and that was my opportunity to get out," Alex says. Wiping away tears, she describes the physical abuse, "On several occasions, we would argue, and he would grab me by my hair and pull me around our apartment."

[AD]Alex left Chris two months after they married, and she went to live with her parents. "He was supposed to watch the baby for me while I went to work, and that morning, we got into a really big argument, and he lost his temper and broke a coffee table," she recalls. Alex didn't want him to watch Leilah in that state of mind, so she tried to leave with her daughter. "He kept pushing me back away from the door, and grabbing me and shouting horrible things," she says. "Finally, I started screaming, and the neighbor knocked on the door, and the baby and I left."

Alex describes her wedding night with Chris, another night she says she was abused. 


Chris denies Alex's abuse allegations. He says he's never raised a hand to her.


Chris landed in jail, because one night when he was drunk and Alex was driving them home, a man pulled alongside their car and started whistling at Alex. When she didn't respond, he started calling her names. Chris pulled the man out of the car. "He was charged with aggravated battery and got two years probation and two years suspended sentence," Alex says. A year later, he violated his punishment by leaving the county, so he was sentenced to a year in county jail. 


Alex shares why she was attracted Chris. "He was a bad boy. I thought I could fix him," she says.

"Your mother and sister seem to like him," Dr. Phil says.

[AD]Alex questions her sister's behavior toward Chris. "Chris' best friend called me and let me hear a voice message that she had left him, saying that she and Chris were going to get a house together when he got out of jail, and she's the only one who has ever been there for him, and they love each other," Alex says. "I guess the entire time he was in jail he wrote her letters every day, and they talked to each other, like, every day."

"Did you ever ask her about it?" Dr. Phil asks.

Alex nods. "She says that she still felt like he was her brother," she says, adding that she believes Katherine may have had a romantic interest in Chris.

Alex started her relationship with Anthony, 24, a month after Chris went to jail. She says Chris had cheated on her, so as far as she was concerned, their relationship was over. Anthony lives with her and Leilah.


Dr. Phil asks Alex, "What do we know about Anthony?"

"He's really good to me," she says, fighting emotions. "I couldn't ask for anything better. He treats me like a lady. I've messed up and dated a lot of bad people I thought were good, but he is truly, honestly, good to me." She says he makes dinner, massages her feet, helps with Leilah, and he's patient. "I can tell that he truly cares, not just about me, but my children, as well."

Dr. Phil questions Alex and learns that Anthony didn't finish high school, isn't employed full time and has a criminal record. Alex says that Chris didn't go to high school.


[AD]Alex explains why Anthony has a police record. "He was young and dumb at 18 and stole some aluminum and scrapped it," she says. "It was over $1,000 worth, so he got charged with grand theft and served three years in prison."

Dr. Phil points out that both Chris and Anthony lack education, have conflict issues with authority and have served time. "You can't ignore that," he says.

Dr. Phil asks Alex if she or Anthony have insurance. She says that Nathan and Leilah are covered by Medicaid.