DP Family: Alex Divorce and Cutody: Alex

Ending Her Marriage

Alex opens up about her current situation. "I don't have a job. I need help with everything. I need help with life," the young mom says. She currently lives with her boyfriend of one year, Anthony, and daughter Leilah, who is almost 2. Her 6-year-old son, Nathan, lives with her parents.


"What makes me cry is that I had children with two men whom I thought loved me, and I try so hard to make the right decisions, and I just can't get it right," Alex shares. "I got married to an abusive person, who is Leilah's father, unfortunately. He's in jail. Nathan's father has served me with papers and said that he wants to have full custody of our son, except the fact that he wants him to live with my parents. He doesn't want him to live with him."


In the studio, Alex tells Dr. Phil that her marriage to Chris is over. "He was abusive. I don't put up with that. Women do, and I don't want to be one of those women," she says, noting that Chris was physically and emotionally abusive.  


"Does he admit that or does he deny it?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


"Of course he denies it," she says.


"Does he know that you are ready to shut this thing down?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I would think so, after being a year in jail. I didn't speak to him. I'm sure he got the hint," she says.


[AD]Chris went to jail because he violated his parole.

Alex tells Dr. Phil that her relationship with Chris was rocky from the beginning, and her parents never wanted her to marry him.


"What is it [your parents] want you to do? What do you think they would want you to do?" Dr. Phil asks Alex. "Move home, bring the baby and live there, all one big unhappy family?"


"I have a saying, 'There's enough room for one queen in her castle,' and I can't share a house with my mom," Alex says.

"You're in a relationship now with someone whom you feel very safe and comfortable with, right?" Dr. Phil asks Alex, referring to her current boyfriend, Anthony, who sits in the audience.


"Yes," she replies.


"You made a commitment to Nathan's father that you would not live with Nathan with someone that you weren't married to," Dr. Phil says.


"Right," Alex says.


"Your mother says that you made a choice: either live with Anthony or live with Nathan, and that you chose Anthony over your own son," Dr. Phi says.


"She feels that way, but Nathan's father had already told me that whether I was living with Tony or not, he would've filed for custody. So, that really has nothing to do with it," Alex explains. 


"If he's going to file for custody, whether you live by the decree or not, what do you have to lose by violating it?" Dr. Phil asks. "I'm not saying you should. I'm just asking."


"His attorney pretty much said that if I had my son living with me that they would call the law on me and have him physically removed. I don't want my son to deal with that," Alex says.

"Well, of course not, but you could tell Anthony that he can't live there, and you could be with your son instead, right?" Dr. Phil asks. "That would be a choice."

[AD]"I guess," Alex replies.  

"If Anthony was gone, Nathan could come home. True?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Yeah, I guess," she says.


Alex says she hasn't considered that option because Tony is her source of support. "Whether anybody likes it or not, he's there for me, and I need that right now," she says. 


Alex reveals that she misses Nathan, but tries to speak with him every day.