DP Family, Alex's Divorce: Raising Leilah

Raising Leilah

"You have to decide that you two are forever going to be co-allies of this child," Dr. Phil says to Alex and Chris. "The biggest mistake that I see couples make in this situation is if they have unfinished emotional business with one another, they have resentments, they have anger, they have bitterness, then the child just gets caught in the crossfire between the two," Dr. Phil says. "If you're divorced, if you're done, you have to be willing to let that go. You have to be willing to let that bitterness go, let those emotions go, and say, 'The only thing we have in common is this child, and we both want what's best for this child.'"


[AD]Dr. Phil asks Curtis, "If the parties come to an agreement that they can live with, and they present that to the court, is it possible or likely that the court would smile upon that?"


"The right type of agreement, the right type of compliance with the order that's already in place, I think the court will look favorably upon an amicable resolution by the parents, as long as the court is satisfied as to the safety of the child," he says.  


Dr. Phil addresses Chris. "DCF did a home study with you, and they found that the home study in and of itself was indeterminate. They haven't made a decision yet about what to do," he says.


[AD]For now, the judge has ordered that Leilah be placed with Erin. Chris is entitled to six day visits, twice a week for three weeks, and after that, he is allowed four consecutive overnight visits. Then the judge will make another ruling.


"Erin, you've said that you would like to see kind of a phase in of Chris' relationship with Leilah, so she begins to form a relationship and get more and more comfortable with him," Dr. Phil says. "Sounds to me that the court down there has taken a very thoughtful approach to this and has set out some things that work for everybody."



"The two of you need to agree on some things about co-parenting," Dr. Phil says to Alex and Chris. He offers to provide them with resources so they can come up with a parenting plan that addresses things like Leilah's bedtime, discipline, medications, and those sort of things, so they can get on the same page. He stresses the importance of Leilah experiencing consistency with her mother, father and grandparents.


[AD]"That's exactly where your family can provide assistance to this family," Curtis says. "They are obliged to enroll in parenting class, but having the auxiliary assistance of your show and your expertise would be tremendous."