DP Family Divorce and Custody 2: Alex and Erin

Estranged Relationship

On video, Katherine shares her thoughts. "Alex needs to be with her husband, Chris. I care about him, because he cares about his daughter, and my sister doesn't, so at least one parent needs to," she says. "Her boyfriend now is just bringing her down, and I hate him."


[AD]"Does she have a relationship with Chris?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


"Uh-huh," Alex says.


"Is she supportive of you being in Leilah's life and Nathan's life?"


"I don't know what she wants. She's just worried about Saturday night," she says. 

Erin joins Dr. Phil and Alex.


"You would agree that your relationship between the two of you is shall we say, estranged?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.


Erin agrees. 


"It has been in the past at times, and at times it hasn't been," Dr. Phil says. "I think to both of these girls you're a bit of an enigma, because both of them have been very critical of your judgmental nature at times, and in the same breath say that when the chips are down, you're the one who will step in front of the bus to save everybody involved. True?"


"Yeah," Erin says.



"Perception is reality, if you believe it," Dr. Phil says to Erin. "I hear her saying, 'I'm getting a divorce. I've made bad choices. People are coming after both of my kids, and I look up to see where you're standing and, by God, you're with them, and that's hard for me to see.'"


Erin nods.


"And you say, 'No, I'm not with them. I'm with your children, wanting to make sure that they're safe.' I get your point. I get your position, but what she's saying is that this is a time that a girl needs her mother. If it's to help her get her position where it needs to be to get those children, then do that, but what you can't do is tell her what she's doing wrong without putting some verbs in your sentences and say, 'Here's what to do right,'" Dr. Phil tells Erin. "We've got two girls here who a whole lot of people are going to think are spoiled rotten. Spoiled rotten because they've been protected."


[AD]"That's my fault," Erin admits.


"You're at a point now where you've got to say, 'We're either going to do this together and we're going to get in a position to be healthy parents of these children, or we're not,'" Dr. Phil says. "She needs your help at this point. Instead of saying, 'I'm going to testify for Chris,' it needs to be, 'I'm going to help you get yourself together, get yourself where you are a responsible mother, where you are in the right position.'"


Erin and Alex agree to seek counseling to work on their relationship.