DP Family Divorce and Custody, 2: Moving Forward

Moving Forward

"At this point, there are some adjustments that you need to make, or your kids are in jeopardy, and if you make them, they're not and if you don't, they are," Dr. Phil says to Alex. "That needs to be defined. It's true in every custody situation, and your lawyer is totally behind you. She totally believes that you can do this."


[AD]Alex's lawyer, Lisa March, agrees.

"You do not want to drag these kids through a court case. You do not want to turn the future over to some stranger," Dr. Phil warns.

Alex shares her candid thoughts with the audience.


"The audience may throw their chairs at me here, or throw their chairs at their TVs at home but what they're reacting to is two things," Dr. Phil tells Alex. "One is you've really got a chip on your shoulder about all of this, because you're being so defensive of who you say is the only person in this world who loves you. And I think there are a lot of people in this world who would disagree that he's in a category all by himself, because I think your mother loves you. I know your dad loves you. I know your sister doesn't like you very much but she loves you a lot, and you know that."


[AD]Dr. Phil continues to explain to Alex why viewers are reacting to her. "They think you're being selfish by putting your needs ahead of your children," he says. "The good news is I think you can have both ... You don't have to join a nunnery or a convent to be a mother. But you do have to work these things out where they all come together at the right time, and we're going to work on that."

"It's going to be OK, Sweetie," Erin tells her daughter.