DP Family: Divorce and Custody: Chris

Chris Speaks Out

"I'm free now, and it's time to start off on the right foot," Chris says. "From here on out, I'm going to work for a divorce. Alex slept around on me while I was in jail. A month after I got locked up, she turned 21, she left both of her kids at her parents house for two, or three, four months without even seeing them. There's no forgiveness in my heart for that. There's none."


Chris meets with his attorney, Lee Lockett.


"You've told us that you feel that your marriage at this time is irretrievably broken, right?" Lee asks him.


"Yes, sir," Chris replies.


[AD]Chris tells Lee and his associate that he and Alex share no assets, so the only situation to resolve is the custody of Leilah. 


"If we can find common ground with Alex, then, you know, it could be possible that you could get this uncontested and resolved quickly," Lee's associate says to Chris.

"If all goes as planned and we can work this thing out in an uncontested manner, it can be worked out in a couple of months," Lee tells Chris.


"I'm very flexible with this. I want a painless operation here," Chris tells the attorneys.  

In studio, Dr. Phil says to Erin, "You feel very in the middle of this whole thing between Chris and Alexandra."


"Actually, my concern is Leilah. He's an adult, Alexandra's an adult. They can figure it out. My concern is Leilah," she says.


"What do you want to see happen here, Chris?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I want to see my daughter. I want a peaceful agreement, a mutual agreement," he says. "Obviously, I do love my wife but I'm not in love with her no more, and I want the safety of my daughter. That's my number one priority."


"Are you a fit parent for this child?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Yes, sir. I am," he says. "I have a good head on my shoulders, I have a job, I have a stable environment."


"You just got out of jail," Dr.Phil points out.


"Like you said earlier, people make mistakes. I made my mistake and I actually went to parenting classes. I went to AA while I was locked up, for the 10 months I was locked up. I was trying to better myself," he says. "And I do not want to take my daughter away from her mother. She needs a mother. That's not my goal here. That's not my goal through this whole situation. I want what's best for my daughter."


[AD]"You had a daughter when you made a choice to get yourself arrested and put in jail. You say that you love your daughter and you want to do what's right for her, then what are you doing getting thrown in jail?" Dr. Phil asks. "They said we're going to let you out of this problem you've been in. We're going to put you on probation, and you're going to stay within this area and if you don't, we're going to put your butt in jail. You're going to serve out your time."

"Yes, sir. That's exactly what happened," he says. 

"But you knew the rules," Dr. Phil says.








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