DP Family: Erin and Katherine

A Fresh Start
Home video captures Katherine as her emotions get the best of her.


Katherine smiles as the tape ends.

Dr. Phil asks Sean for his thoughts.

[AD]"I've seen a couple sides of her like that, many times," he says.


Katherine responds, "I know everyone loses their cool."

"But that's something you would aspire not to do," Dr. Phil says. "You have to put that on your To-Do list."

Katherine begins to cry as she explains that she was dealing with her sister that day, a sore subject for her, and her mom had the camera shoved in her face. "It was very frustrating," she says. "It becomes too much sometimes."

Dr. Phil explains the importance of taking a step back and assessing their current situation.

Dr. Phil says to Sean, "You need to work on you."

After telling Katherine that her mother is not her enemy, Dr. Phil asks Erin, "What do you want for her?"



"I want her to live up to the potential, which I know she has so much there. She's intelligent beyond her years. She's articulate. She knows what she wants," she says. "I want Katherine to use her intelligence, and her smarts, and her drive and tenacity to make the best life possible for herself. I want her to be happy."

[AD]Dr. Phil addresses Katherine and Sean. "If you can't be together without friction, then you shouldn't be together at all," he says. He tells Katherine that while she lives in her parents' house, she needs to show respect and gratitude. "It seems like you've got a lot of people circling around you trying to help … You need to be the one working the hardest on your life, not the one who's working the least."

Katherine says she's been more cooperative recently, and Erin agrees.