DP Family, Family in Court: Alex

Dr. Phil Confronts Alex
Dr. Phil confronts Alex about her behavior, and she doesn't hold back.

According to Alex's attorney, Curtis S. Fallgatter, Alex was accused of aggravated battery, involving an altercation at a gas station last July. Her attorney has investigated these allegations and obtained several witness statements, which he reports confirm that Alex was not the perpetrator and was not even present. He expects the prosecutor to drop the charge.


Alex meets with Curtis, and he explains that he is going to work to disprove the charges against her and prove she's a fit mother.

Alex and Curtis join Dr. Phil onstage, and he asks Curtis about Alex's warrant.

"I can assure you this was a bad warrant. It was a defective warrant. The information in the affidavit was not correct. The police did not do their job to properly investigate it," he says. "We got her surrendered. I expect the state attorney to drop the case."

[AD]"Right now, you don't have access to Nathan or Leilah," Dr. Phil says to Alex.

"I have supervised visitation as long as I comply with the following orders the court has provided for me, which I have," she explains.

Curtis explains that Alex has supervised visitation until she finishes a substance abuse course, which she will be attending soon. When she completes the course, she will be allowed unsupervised visits with her children. He adds that she has already passed one drug test.

Alex explains to her mother that the drug test was extremely thorough. "I'm clean, Mom," she says.

Dr. Phil reiterates that he wants the families to come together and provide a stable, predictable and loving environment for the children to grow up in. He addresses Alex. "You may think that your mother has some warped ideas and views about where you are at this stage, but you've got to admit that in the last six years, you have just given these people hell," he says. "You've made really bad decisions. You've picked some bad guys. You've headed down some roads that you admit were not good for you, and that a lot of what they were saying at the time, both your mother and your father, if you had listened to that then, you would probably be in a lot better place right now."

"I listened to my dad. My dad and I talk almost every single day," Alex says. "He loves me when I'm unlovable, and he respects me when I'm unrespectable."

Erin responds. "I think Alexandra knows, although she professes that she does not, that I do love her unconditionally. I love her no matter what she does, where she is," she says.

Alex admits that Erin plays a major role in Nathan's life, but she says she's taken care of Leilah since she was born. "I tried to fix the mistake I made with my son," she says. "I feel like I'm being punished for it."

[AD]Dr. Phil asks Curtis, "Do you have concerns about [Alex's] current boyfriend's interactions with this baby?"

"As I best understand it now, it's anonymous. We're prepared to rebut it. I don't think it's true," he says.

"Tony is paying $45 to take a parenting class with me," Alex says.

Dr. Phil shows Alex pictures of the bruises on Leilah and says, "There are 1,000 explanations for it, but you do have to investigate it."


"You do have to investigate it, but you do it with honest information, and the child protection team for the state of Florida, the premiere child protection agency, investigated that, and they have a written report that says they could not determine if that comes from any type of abuse," Curtis says.

"Then that means they can't determine it didn't," Dr. Phil points out. "I would rather investigate 1,000 of these that turn out to be OK, than to fail to investigate one that should have been looked at, and the child is left in harm's way."

Alex agrees that she would want the claim investigated. "My daughter spends a lot of time with my mother," she says, staring at Erin. "My mom has told my sister that she wants these kids because she doesn't want to be alone."

Erin offers a look of disbelief.


"Nobody has made an allegation that these came from you," Dr. Phil says to Alex. "But you're not suggesting that these bruises came from your mother?"


[AD]"I don't know where they came from," Alex says. "If I'm being investigated, all situations should be investigated."

"You don't remove children from a home with an emergency petition, and then not let her put on evidence to rebut the anonymous information," Curtis says.

"Maybe she should have been there that Friday," Erin says.

"She would have been there but for the arrest warrant," Curtis says, adding that they solved the problem on Sunday.

"I'm trying to get people to step up here," Dr. Phil says.