Dp Family, Family in Court: E-mail

Disturbing News

Dr. Phil calls Erin shortly after receiving a troubling correspondence. "We received an e-mail today from someone who says that she's a friend of Alexandra's," he says. "She says, ‘I am writing because I am concerned about Alexandra. First, I want to say that Alex has a very, very serious addiction to pain pills. She goes to see more than one doctor for medication, and she abuses them by taking more than prescribed and snorting them instead of taking them by mouth.' She says, ‘Alex allows her boyfriend to beat Leilah.'"

"What?" Erin asks in a raised voice.


Dr. Phil continues. "'Alexandra allows her boyfriend to beat Leilah as punishment for very minor mistakes. He taunts her by flicking her in the head and calling her names. If the beatings don't work, and she keeps crying, she is locked in her room until she quits crying,'" he reads.

"Oh, my God,'" Erin says, starting to cry.

[AD]"'The boyfriend will go in the room and torment her, making her cry worse, therefore keeping her in her room longer. Alex sits back and does nothing. She is more worried about when and where she will get her next high, and in turn, completely ignores her daughter. If she doesn't have her meds, she lies in bed, with the baby running around in a wet diaper and hungry,'" Dr. Phil continues. "'She is in a downward spiral, and I don't even know if her mother or father realize how bad it really is. Please help Alex.'"

Erin hangs her head, cries and says, "Now what? I tried to say this. I tried to say this so many times." She adds that Marty didn't believe it was as severe as she thought. "I knew something was wrong with that baby. I knew it."

"I hate making this phone call, but I'm doing it for two reasons," Dr. Phil says. "Number one: I know there's nothing you and Marty won't do to protect those children, and secondly, I've got to put you on alert that you do not want to turn that baby back over to her, in my opinion."


"I suspected all these things," Erin says. "She has bruises all over her face and under her chin. She's got a bump on top of her head as well, and she's really afraid of men." 


Marty joins the conversation and Dr. Phil says, "I think we have to take it serious until proven otherwise." He explains that when he and Alex recently spoke, he told her he would help her navigate the custody battles, but that she had to prove to him that she was a fit mother. Dr. Phil tells Marty that he suggested Alex take random drug screenings, but she refused it. "To me, that just says, ‘I'm taking drugs,'" he says.

[AD]"It's just heartbreaking," Erin says.


Erin immediately reported the allegations to the Department of Child and Family Services. She currently has Leilah in her care. The only communication she has had with Alex was when Alex asked if she called DCSF. "Her concern is more of her reputation than figuring out what she needs to do to get her children back," Erin says.

Dr. Phil holds photos Erin has taken of Leilah. They show the toddler with bruises under her neck and on her upper back and legs. "They're certainly suspicious enough that they need to be evaluated," he says.

[AD]"To me, it looks like a right-handed person with a thumb and fingers grabbed her neck," Erin says, demonstrating. "Unfortunately, nobody actually saw this happen, so they just have to say it's highly suspicious."

Dr. Phil points out that the proper authorities have been notified about the bruises.

The Dr. Phil show contacted Tony to respond to the abuse allegations. He says he loves Leilah very much, and would never hurt her in any way and is willing to do anything to prove that. Tony also says he'll do everything he can to help Alex get Leilah back.