DP Family, Katherine in Court: Alex Update

Alexandra Update
During the last six years, Alexandra got married and had a baby girl named Leilah, who is now 18 months old. Leilah and Nathan, who is getting ready to enter kindergarten, often stay with Marty and Erin.

Erin explains the bad choices Alexandra is making, including not being able to take care of her children.

[AD]Erin adds that while Alexandra's husband is in jail, he's been taking classes to overcome his anger issues. "He's really been working hard," she says. "He loves that baby, and he still loves Alexandra."

"But she's moved on to somebody else," Dr. Phil says.

"Yes, but she has her MySpace page which is all about her husband," Erin says. "I'm confused."

"We're going to unravel all of this," Dr. Phil assures her.

Dr. Phil asks Erin about Katherine's relationship with Alexandra.

"They were very, very close, but now Katherine is really upset with Alexandra about the whole children thing, and this boyfriend," she says. "They've kind of written each other off."

Alexandra is not currently working, and Erin worries about the well-being of Leilah, who is currently living with Alexandra. "We actually called the police and asked them to go check on the baby," she says. "[Alexandra] told me that Leilah would sleep from 8:00 at night until 9:30 the next morning, and that she'd be so soaked in the morning, the bed was wet. I've had her for four months with me. That's never happened."

[AD]Child Protective Services has examined the situation. "That's why she's back with Alexandra," Erin says. "Their take is, ‘We can't do anything until she's caught doing something wrong.' Something has to happen to Leilah, before we can get her back."

Erin adds, "She doesn't go after Nathan, because he can talk … But he wants his mommy. He asks about her."

"We've got to figure something out here," Dr. Phil says.

"Nathan and Leilah, those precious children, deserve to have a good life," Erin says.