DP Family, Katherine in Court: Sean

Meet Sean
Bryan Shorstein, Sean's attorney, visits him in jail and shares his thoughts. "He's a very nice kid, had a lot of questions. A little nervous, of course, but I found him to be very honest, very helpful," he says. "The bond is set at $30,000. He understands that his parents are giving him some hard love. I think we can get on the right steps to recovery and getting him out."

[AD]After 21 days, Sean is released from jail, his mom and Katherine are there. "Sean's mom and I waited for Bryan Shorstein to call the judge, and he pulled a few strings and he got Sean to be able to get released tonight," Katherine says with a smile.

"I'm anxious, very anxious," says Caren, Sean's mom.

Sean embraces his mother and Katherine. "It feels great, like you wouldn't believe," he says.

In his studio, Dr. Phil asks Bryan for an update on Sean's situation.

"The bond has been lowered from $30,000 to $10,000, which allowed him to get out. We were also able to get the tampering charge dropped, so now he's down to two charges which basically deal with the ring itself: a burglary charge and a grand theft charge," he explains. "The detective, as well as the prosecutor and judge, all felt confident that Sean may be able to assist in getting the ring back, which is why the prosecutor's office and the judge did agree to lower the bond. If in fact that's done, the case will probably be pretty simple. If not, he could easily face prison time."

[AD]Dr. Phil feigns surprise and wants to know why the court will relieve a person of his or her punishment if he or she returns the stolen item.

"These cases are very, very victim oriented," Bryan says. He explains that the victim in this case just wants her ring back. "I'm sure there will be some punishment one way or the other."

Sean walks onstage. Dr. Phil introduces him to Erin and says, "This would be a good time to get up, step over and shake her hand."

He gets up and shakes her hand.

Dr. Phil asks Sean, "Did you steal this ring?"

"I was involved with it," he says. "I was there."

"You knew what you were doing," Dr. Phil says. "So you went over there to steal something, and whether you picked it up and put it in your pocket or somebody else did, you were part of the people who went over there."

"Yes, sir," he says.

[AD]"What are you doing being involved in that sort of thing?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Hanging out with the wrong group of kids," he replies.

"Are you the wrong group of kids for [Katherine]?" Dr. Phil probes.

"No," Sean says.

"She met you and wound up in jail," Dr. Phil points out. "It seems like you did something that got her in trouble trying to cover for you."

Erin expresses her disdain to Sean.
Dr. Phil addresses Sean. "In life, we sometimes look back and we recognize that something was a pivotal moment. There comes a time in life where you just have to start telling the truth, because when you commit crimes, and you tell lies, there are 1,000 ways to get caught. And if you think of 900 of them, you're a genius. And, Boy, you are no genius. So you've just got to realize it's going to bite you," he says.

Dr. Phil asks Sean how Katherine got the bruises, and implores him to tell the truth.

Sean says he and Katherine were hanging out at his friend's house. "Me and her were in an argument, and she was getting kind of physical with me," he says. "One of my friends picked her up off of me and brought her outside. And I guess when someone grabbed her off of me, they may have grabbed her legs."

[AD]"So you were involved," Dr. Phil says.

"I was there," he says.

Dr. Phil confronts Katherine. "When I talked to you before, you lied to me about that," he says.

She nods.

Dr. Phil asks Sean, "What are you doing in a physical altercation with a woman?"

"I was ignoring her and not answering her phone calls, and I showed up at the same place that she was, and I guess she got upset," he says. "When she got there, she kind of just went off on me."

Dr. Phil turns to Erin and asks, "What are you hearing here?"

"Katherine's bruises, on the back of her leg, looked like she had been in a car accident. They were those yellow, green, purple," she says and shows how big they were.

Dr. Phil presses Katherine for the truth.

Dr. Phil asks Sean if Katherine is more vested in the relationship than he is.

"I'd say it's about even, as of right this second," he says. "At first, maybe, but now, it's pretty much even."