DP Family: Katherine Storms Off: DP and Erin

Concerned Mom
Dr. Phil plays a video message Erin created for Katherine, but the teen didn't see it because she stormed out during her conversation with Dr. Phil.


Dr. Phil continues his chat with Erin via Web cam. "Katherine is saying that she's tired of being badgered, and she's kind of throwing a tantrum right now. What would you like for me to do?" he asks.


"I want you to put her in some rehab," Erin says.


"Well, I can't do that if I can't talk to her. I have it arranged for her to go to rehab, if she'll go," Dr. Phil says.


"What do you suggest I say to her? I don't know what to say. You know, I've said everything, and I'm not making this stuff up," Erin says.


"Of course you're not making it up, but right now, while she's throwing a tantrum, you're not going to be able to reason with her, so I'll keep somebody with her until she settles down, and then we'll try to continue our conversation," Dr. Phil tells Erin.


Erin receives a phone call from Katherine, who is asking for the phone number of her aunt who lives in Los Angeles. Erin tells her daughter she doesn't know the number. Katherine hangs up on her mother.


[AD]Erin returns to her conversation with Dr. Phil and asks him, "Do you think that she would go to rehab or not?"


"She's not at a point of admitting that she needs rehab because she's not admitting that she has a drug or alcohol problem. She's denying it all and saying that you're making it up and planting the evidence," Dr. Phil says.


"That's really sick," Erin says.


"It's just defensive," Dr. Phil says.

Katherine calls her sister, Alex, for help locating her aunt's phone number. Alex, who is with her mom, doesn't give it to her. Katherine refuses to listen to anybody and begins to walk back to her hotel. After getting lost, she decides to allow Dr. Phil staff members to take her back to the hotel.


[AD]Once Katherine is safely in the car, she decides that she will complete her diagnostic testing at UCLA, before flying home to reunite with her family.