DP Family: Marty

Marty Speaks Out

Marty updates Dr. Phil about his relationship with Katherine. "Katherine and I bonded really well, Dr. Phil. I started to do a lot more things with her, and spend more time with her, and kind of got to know her in and out, and we really do have a good relationship right now," he says. "But Katherine started to run around with the wrong clientele of people, Dr. Phil, and she met this boy. Not a good thing."


[AD]"When she got arrested, how did you handle it?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I was very upset. I was very disappointed in her," he says. "I told the police to put her in jail and let her sit there of a while. I should've probably been more supportive of her, even though what she did was wrong, but I wasn't. I probably didn't play a good father role at that point in time." 


"I think the girl needed a wake-up call, personally, and that's a wake-up call," Dr. Phil says. "She doesn't want to go back to jail. She talks about that it scared the bejeebers out of her, and maybe that is a good thing."  

Dr. Phil asks Marty about Alexandra.


"Her husband, Christopher, violated probation and ended up nine months in jail," he says. "During this time, Alexandra found another man, and I guess you would call him, in my eyes, an undesirable person ... He's just a [expletive] under my shoes, doesn't work, just a bum."


Alexandra and her daughter, Leilah, are living with her new boyfriend. "It just blows my mind that they want to be with people like this that are nowhere in life and never will be. After a while, you know, you think they get it," Marty says.


Marty says Alexandra began using drugs when she started hanging out with her current friends. He believes she is taking OxyContin and has even snorted it. "[It] was prescribed to her by a doctor when she got in a wreck with her mother's car and totaled it, which has been over a year ago now," he says. Alex broke her leg in the accident.  


"And now she's starting to abuse that prescription medication?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I feel like she is, absolutely, yes," Marty says. "There are times when I talked to her and she seems like she's all there, and then there are times when she's down. I guess, maybe, that drug does that to you."


[AD]"Entirely dangerous, no question about that," Dr. Phil says. "She could overdose. She could just be high."


"She could die," Marty adds.


"Yeah, she could die, and the baby would just be there," Dr. Phil says.


Dr. Phil asks the dad what he fears most, and Marty replies that he worries something bad will happen to Alexandra, and Leilah will be left alone in the home.

"What would it do to you if Nathan was in harm's way?" Dr. Phil asks.  

Marty pauses, gathers his emotions and says, "break my heart."


Nathan currently lives with Marty and Erin and has been with them most of his life. "You've bonded with this little boy?" Dr. Phil says.


"Oh, my gosh, yeah," he says.


"At this point, you're essentially his father, so your devoted to protecting him?" Dr. Phil says.


"Yes," Marty says with tears in his eyes.


[AD]"And he should be with you right now? That's his safest place?" Dr. Phil says. "Because he's loved there, he's protected there, he's nurtured there."


"All his stuff is there. He's got his own room," Marty shares.

"Why did she allow you to have Nathan but not Leilah?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I think she feels like a complete failure if she let us have both the children," Marty says. "She loves Leilah. She loves both of those kids. Right now, she's not in a place where she can take care of both of them."