DP Family Returns: A Marraige in Question: Marty

Parenting Frustrations

Dr. Phil sits down with Marty, and they discuss the recent event of Nathan leaving Marty and Erin's house to live with his father and other grandparents. "I know how important that little guy is to you," Dr. Phil says.

"He's like a son to me, Dr. Phil, and for somebody to come in after six years and just completely take him out of your life, it's just devastating," Marty says. "I'm really bitter and angry."

Dr. Phil points out that Marty was Nathan's role model, teaching him how to be a young man and supporting his endeavors. "What all did you do with him?" he asks.

"He's a hell of a baseball player, fishing and just everything a father does with his son," Marty says. "I tried to teach him the wrongs and the rights and respect."

"How did he respond to all of that?" Dr. Phil asks. "Was he a good kid? Did he have good manners?"

[AD]"He is the best boy that a father could ever have," he says. "He was very respectful. The perfect boy."

"When you had to sit down with him and tell him what was happening, what did you tell him?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I said, ‘Nathan, this is going to be a very difficult time in both our lives right now. You're going to have to go live with your father right now.' He asked me why. I told him it's just the way it had to be right now," Marty says, fighting back tears. He adds that both he and Nathan cried. "He took it like a champ. He's a tough kid."

Marty reveals information about his relationship with Nathan's other grandparents.


Dr. Phil asks Marty what he thinks is going to happen with the situation.

"I hope the attorney that you got for Alexandra can get him back with us," he says.


[AD]Dr. Phil wants to get a clear picture of the situation. He asks Marty who exactly Nathan is living with. "What's going to get you the most access to Nathan the soonest?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I'm not going to be pleasant and nice to somebody, and kiss somebody's ass, who came in there and took my grandson," Marty says.

"If it got him back faster, wouldn't you do it?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No, I wouldn't," Marty says. "I played the friendly route to begin with."

Marty opens up about his relationship with his oldest daughter, Alex.


Dr. Phil mentions his previous conversation with Marty, shortly after Katherine was arrested. Marty explains that the stress caused by his daughters' lifestyles affects every relationship, including his relationship with his wife, Erin. "We've raised these kids. How many more years is this going to go on?" he asks.

[AD]"You really never get through parenting these girls. Sorry to tell you this," Dr. Phil says. "The question is, are you still going to stay pissed off because you're still having to parent?"

"No," Marty says.