DP Family Returns: Alex Announcement: Alex

"Did You Do This on Purpose?"

"I understand you have something to tell me," Dr. Phil says to Alex.


Alex shares her news with Dr. Phil.


"Tony and I found out that we're having a baby," she says. "He's very excited about it. We thought he couldn't have kids. And he's been really supportive, and he's been working really hard."


"Did you get pregnant on purpose?" Dr. Phil asks.


"No," Alex replies. "We talked about having kids, but I didn't want kids for a long time."


"You've really got to help me understand this, and you've got to understand there are millions of people in America right now standing up saying, 'What did she just say?'" Dr. Phil says. "In this day and time, where it is so easy to take precautions if you didn't want to get pregnant, how did this happen?"


"I don't know," Alex says, adding that she wasn't taking birth control because she didn't have insurance to pay for it.


"Out of all the resources I made available to you in every circumstance, you can't possibly mean, 'I didn't use birth control because I couldn't afford it,'" Dr. Phil says. "Is there any theory under which you think I would not make birth control available to you if you couldn't get it otherwise?"


[AD]"I didn't think to ask for it, and by the time we started doing this, it was a little late," says Alex, who is 10 weeks into her pregnancy. She explains to Dr. Phil that she didn't think she would get pregnant because Tony was told that he couldn't have kids. 


"I know that's what he told you, and I know that's probably what somebody told him, but with the circumstances being such as they are, and the consequences being so life long, did it occur to you that, 'I don't want to be in this situation, so I'm going to take precautions?' That wasn't ever in your thought process?" Dr. Phil asks.


"No," Alex replies.

"Let's just be honest, how do you feel about it?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


"I don't think it's a perfect time for a baby, but God has a purpose for everybody," she says. "I wouldn't have chosen this time myself, but stuff happens."


"I don't see God anywhere in this, personally," Dr. Phil says. "God gives you a free will. He gives you the will to make choices. He gives you the will to decide whether you want to take precautions or don't, whether you want to get pregnant or you don't, whether you do drugs or you don't, whether you want to work downtown or in the suburbs. We have tremendous free will. You had free will here ... Did you do this on purpose? Was this a strategy to keep Tony?"


"No," Alex says, offering a look of confusion. "That's stupid, because if I was worried about losing him, he would have left a long time ago."


"That is stupid for me to ask you, but it's not stupid for you to get pregnant when you're in a custody fight for two right now?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I know it's stupid. I didn't say it wasn't stupid, that never came out of my mouth, but I can't do anything about it, so?" Alex says.


[AD]Dr. Phil plays a clip from a recent show where Alex states that she wants to have two more children with Tony, but not for a while. When the clip is finished, he says to her, "If my math is right, and I think it is, you knew you were pregnant when we had that conversation."


"No, I didn't. I found out shortly after that," Alex says.


Dr. Phil points out that if she's 10 weeks along, she must have been pregnant when that conversation took place. She maintains that she didn't know at the time.

Dr. Phil doesn't mince words as he expresses his thoughts about Alex's pregnancy and her future.


"People are shocked that you would put yourself in this situation, and you don't have enough money, you don't have enough stability to handle two children. You're going to now divide what little money you have by three," Dr. Phil tells her.

"People do it every day," Alex says.


"That's right, and children grow up in poverty every day. Children grow up with parents who don't have enough time to share with either one of them, let alone two or three of them. They grow up without every day. They grow up because people didn't make arrangements and had enough forethought to give them a running start to get traction in this life," Dr. Phil tells her. "Yeah, people do it every day, and it is disastrous in those situations."

[AD]Dr. Phil continues. "The odds are way against you here. If I'm wrong, why did you not want to have a baby?" he asks. "If this is such a crazy question, why did you think you weren't ready to have another baby?"


"I've never said it was a good idea. I've never said that I was ready, I never said that about any of my children," Alex says.  

"And you're not divorced yet," Dr. Phil says to Alex.


"Yes, I am," she replies.


"No, you're not," Dr. Phil says. "I talked to your lawyer. You're not divorced yet."


"OK, well, whatever," Alex says. "I guess we're not. I guess you're right. Whatever, I don't know."


"I hate to shake your faith in that, but you're not divorced," Dr. Phil reiterates. "And that means Chris is the legal father of this baby."


"OK," Alex says, giving a skeptical stare. 


[AD]"I'm not making this up. That means we've got to get that done," Dr. Phil tells her.


Alex explains that she understood from her lawyer, Lisa, that she was divorced.


"Lisa has been trying to reach you and says you won't return her calls. She's trying to get this finalized," Dr. Phil says.


"Lisa has not called me in over three weeks. I've called her back, and returned her calls, and I thought I signed whatever I was supposed to sign," Alex maintains.