DP Family Returns: Alex Announcement: Chris

"You Can’t Choose to Love Somebody"

"How are things going with Leilah?" Dr. Phil asks Chris.


"Wonderful," he replies. "I took her home by myself last Saturday."


"How did that go?" Dr. Phil asks.


"It went wonderful. There's no fussing, no crying," he says. 


Chris grows emotional when he shares his feelings about Alex's pregnancy, and reveals if he's still in love with her.


"Where do you think she is on this?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I'm the love of her life," Chris says. 


"How do you know that?" Dr. Phil asks. 


[AD]"I know," he says. "She still loves me, and I know that she knows it. Whether or not she'll come on national TV and admit it, I don't know."


"I don't think she'll admit it. I think she believes that it's in her best interest to move on. I think she believes that she's in love with Tony, and I think she believes that she is no longer in love with you," Dr. Phil tells him. "She says she is done. She wants this over with. She wants to have a good relationship with you moving forward, but that she doesn't want a romantic relationship with you."


"That's fine," Chris says. 

"Do you know, by the way, that y'all are still married and not divorced?" Dr. Phil asks Chris.


"No, I did not," he replies.


Dr. Phil explains that even though Chris and Alex signed papers, they must be filed for the divorce to be finalized. "I'm not a lawyer, as you know, but I've been doing some legal research on this for you, and I want to read you something from the Florida Statute on the parental rights of an unborn baby," he says. "'When a married woman is impregnated by a man, not her husband,' you and Alexandra are married. You are the husband. She's been impregnated by another man. According to Florida law, 'The husband is the legal father, thus awarding him full parental rights. The bio father lacks any legal rights to a married woman's unborn child, unless a party initiates a paternity action. If the husband and wife are ready for divorce, but the baby is born prior to the dissolution, prior to the divorce, if the divorce proceedings have not been initiated, nor has any party initiated a paternity action by the time the child is born, the husband, although not the bio father, will be responsible for that child.'"


[AD]"I did not know that," Chris says.


"'At the time a child is born, whoever is considered the legal father will be responsible for child support.' That'd be you," Dr. Phil tells Chris.