DP Family Returns: Alex Announcement: Family

Family Reaction

"What did your folks say about this when you shared it with them?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


"They were upset, you know. You've talked to them about it," she says.


Dr. Phil plays a clip of him and Marty discussing Alex's new pregnancy.


"How did you react to that when you heard?" Dr. Phil asks Marty.


"I didn't even react. I didn't even comment. I was just like, 'Oh, my God.' I try not to think about it. And to come across and tell her mother some stupid thing, like it's our fault. What the hell do you mean it's our fault?" he says. "The first go around, I can see, but two more kids? You're 21, for God's sake. And then you ask me why I'm angry? Holy cow."


"I really wonder if she did this on purpose to lock in this guy that she's with," Dr. Phil says. 


"She's almost playing the role as my mother did, wanting a man to love her and thinking that, 'Man, if I get pregnant, wow. He can't leave me. It's locked in. He loves me,'" Marty says.


When the tape ends, Alex responds. "If I wanted a man to love me, it didn't happen with my son's father. It didn't happen with Leilah's father. It's not my goal, and if you'd like to call Tony, I'd love it for you if you did, because he's super excited. He's ready. He's 24 years old, he's going to be 25. He's ready to have kids. He's ready to provide for a family. He wants that," she says. "If he was going to leave, he would've left, and he'll tell you that."


[AD]"What does your dad mean when he says you said it was their fault you're pregnant?" Dr. Phil asks. 


Alex explains that in a conversation with her mother, she told her mom that she was partially responsible for the way she behaves. "I accept that, yes, I made choices, and my choices result in the way that I turned out, but they want to think that they have no responsibility in the way that I turned out at all," she says. "I didn't blame them for anything."

Dr. Phil plays a clip of him speaking with Erin about Alex's news.


"What do you think about this pregnancy?" Dr. Phil asks Erin.


"I try not to. It was one of those surreal moments where she's like, 'Mom, are you sitting down?'" Erin recalls.


"You think she did it on purpose?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I think she was thinking, 'Oh, it might happen, but if it does, I'll deal with it,'" Erin says.


"Getting pregnant when you don't want to be is a long shot, at best. She had to be reckless," Dr. Phil says.


"The concern is that they were not using condoms even, and both of them have been sexually active with other people. So that, in and of itself, was a concern to me," Erin says.


"Is she apologetic about it? Is she matter-of-fact? What's her attitude?" Dr. Phil asks.


[AD]"She just said, you know, 'I'm sorry, Mom. I knew you were going to be really upset. It's not my fault; it wasn't like I was trying to get pregnant.' She was afraid to really tell me,'" Erin says. 


"And Anthony. Are they just, like, happy about this?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Apparently, Tony's family and Tony all are rallying around Alexandra and think that this is the most wonderful thing that's happened since sliced bread," Erin says.


When the tape ends, Dr. Phil asks Alex, "What do you think about her response?"


"She's entitled to it," she replies.

"What's your sister saying about it?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


"At first, my sister was cruel, but that's to be expected. She's entitled to it, whatever," Alex says.


Dr. Phil plays a clip of Katherine expressing her thoughts about Alex's pregnancy.


"I'm very disappointed in Alex, because she is living with somebody who has an elementary education, and she supports him, and she's also pregnant for the third time out of wedlock. It makes me a little bit angry to know that she's just throwing her life away," Katherine says. "She is letting down our entire family. She's not doing anything with her life productively. She has no goals, no reaches for the stars. She doesn't really want anything out of life, except for her to have her boyfriend, and that's sad.


[AD]"She should be graduating college this year, and she's not. It's not that hard to believe the bad decisions my sister has made, because I've become used to them over the years. It's just recurrent, every single one. It just gets worse and worse," Katherine continues. "What scares me the most about my sister is that she's never going to change. She's going to be the exact same person when she's 50, and personally, around that age, I'm going to have children. I don't want my children to even be around her. She's the same person she was when she was 14 and had Nathan. She hasn't grown up, she hasn't changed at all " the only thing that's changed is her hair color."