DP Family Returns: Alex Confronts Chris: Family Update

Looking Toward a Bright Future

Alex takes a look back at when she first returned to the Dr. Phil show. "I was depressed. I was on the verge of losing my kids, and I kind of let myself go at that point," she says. "I feel like my decision-making skills have gotten better."


She shares an update about her and her mother. "My relationship with my mom has seen the most growth and change since we started the Dr. Phil show. I know that she's probably not always going to agree with the choices that I make, but we at least respect each other a little bit more than we did," she says. "Getting reacquainted with everybody on the Dr. Phil show, the support that everybody has shown, was also one of the big things that helped."


[AD]As for her future, Alex says, "At this point, I have to be optimistic. We've made progress with the court system, and I think everybody is on board with the goal for me to be reunited with my kids."

Katherine has also been working hard to make improvements in her life. Watching a clip of herself from a previous show, she says, "It seems like a different person. That brings back memories of what I went through and how much I have changed. I was charged with a first-degree misdemeanor, and it's still on my record, but I just have to finish up community service. Dr. Phil has really been drilling in my head to respect the law."

The teen says she hasn't talked to Sean recently. "It's hard for me to watch that, because I basically was Shawn's little robot. I did everything that he told me to do, and now I'm a lot different," she shares. "The one piece of advice that Dr. Phil gave me that really sticks out is when I meet somebody [ask myself,] is that person worthy to stand by me?"


[AD]Katherine reveals how her life is different now. "I wake up in the morning, go to school. I don't go out and party as much as I used to. I use to go out every night of the week, and I just feel healthier and happier," she says. "They found out that I don't have any kidney stones, so I went to see a pain management specialist. I am feeling a lot better. I am very excited about the future. I know I can do it if I keep my mind straight and don't let anything get in my way."

Erin shares an update about her life. "Alexandra has really come a long way. All of her drug tests have been clean. She looks so much healthier, and she's very upbeat. She's doing positive things," she reports. "Alexandra and I are getting along much better now. I'm really proud of her."


The family originally returned to the show because Erin was concerned about Katherine's behavior. "Katherine was just making some very bad choices. She was hanging out with some people that were getting in trouble with the law," she says. "Thankfully, Katherine has moved on from the boyfriend. She's back to focusing on growing up. Katherine has almost completed her probation. Now, she's taking a full load at school. She studies all the time. Katherine, I think, feels more in control of her life."


[AD]Erin admits she hasn't been taking care of herself. "I wasn't managing my stress well. I was taking it out on my family. I was eating to cope with the frustration and stress," she shares. Recently, she started exercising at a gym and working out with a personal trainer. Dr. Phil also arranged for her and Marty to receive healthy meals delivered to their house through Bistro MD. "I feel 100 percent better than I did when I first started," she says. "I am amazed at the progress that our family has made this year."