DP Family Returns: Alex Excuses: Children

"You Can be a Great Mom to Those Kids"

Dr. Phil questions Alexandra about a recent 22-day stretch when she didn't visit her children.


What's her reason? And, learn why Alexandra and her mother, Erin, continue to be at odds.


Dr. Phil mentions that he was disturbed to learn that Alexandra didn't show up to see her 3-year-old daughter, Leilah, sing in a play, after promising to be there.


On tape, Alexandra explains that she hadn't passed her kidney stones and was in too much pain. Later in the day, she shares her thoughts. "I feel like a jackass for missing my daughter's first play," she says. "Sometimes, I feel like it's better for them if they don't see me. It makes it easier for them to go on with their day when they don't have to cry and scream when I leave. I know it sounds like an excuse, but that's how I feel."


With Dr. Phil, Alexandra admits, "I don't have an excuse."


Alexandra gets emotional as she talks about her children.


Dr. Phil asks the young mom about her relationship with Leilah.


"When it's just her and me, we're fine. She constantly hugs on me and tells me she loves me," she says, fighting emotions. "It makes me feel good. And then again, it makes me feel really bad, because I know that when I leave, I know that she cries, and it makes me upset. I don't want her to be upset." 

On tape, Alexandra says that she usually sees her children on Sundays. She says she and Tony are entitled to three visits with the baby, but it doesn't always work out because of her mom's schedule.


Erin explains to Alexandra that she wants to tell the kids that Alexandra will be there to visit them, but she doesn't want to give false hope. "It kills your kids when you say you're going to be here, and you're not, because they think it's their fault. Nathan thinks he's done something to drive you away. Leilah cries," Erin says. "Please, tell me what I should tell Leilah now."


"Tell her whatever you want to tell her," Alex replies.


Erin says that she tells the 3-year-old that her mom loves her and wants to be with her, but she's sick and working to get better, and once she's better, she can see her.


An agitated Alexandra responds, "But you let * Chris see her, who doesn't have any rights at all."


Erin says she lets Chris' mother see Leilah.


"Well, they leave her alone with Chris, who used to beat the * out of me, but you still let that happen," Alexandra yells.


When Erin asks her daughter why she went to Chris' house recently if he's so bad, Alexandra says, "Because I have nowhere else to go."


[AD]"You could have come here," Erin tells her.


"I don't want your help," she tells her mom.


Erin drills down to determine what Alexandra is hiding and why she is choosing a life without her children.