DP Family Returns: Alex in Danger: Doctors

"This Has Derailed Your Life"

Alexandra agrees to visit neurosurgeon J. Patrick Johnson, one of the leading spine specialists in America, and neurologist Jason Berkley at Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles. After their meeting, the doctors give Dr. Phil an update.

"I think she's going to definitely need in-patient detox."


After her visit with the doctors, Alexandra sits down with Dr. Phil. "Dr. Berkley was really down-to-earth. I really thought he was helpful," she reports.

Dr. Phil tells her that the doctors do not yet have the detailed MRI reports but they gave him an initial download. "They say, clearly, you have injuries to your spine," he says. "They are concerned about your drug consumption. Dr. Berkley thinks that the medication you're on could actually be making the pain worse, and if you have a dependency on that medication, just based on the length of time you've taken it, you need to get off of that when you have something in its place." He adds that Alexandra is defensive and resistant, and he doesn't understand why. "Nobody's accusing you of doing anything wrong."

[AD]"I'm glad that they were able to help me put on paper where my pain was and how it's affecting me," she says, adding that it's hard for her mom to understand. "It kind of helps me to have something to bring back to her."

Dr. Phil takes Alexandra to task. Will she agree to go to rehab?

Alexandra admits that she'd prefer to never have to take another pain pill again for the rest of her life. "But that's not realistic," she says.

"I believe you are addicted. I believe you need to go into detox, and rehab, and get off of it and control it in the appropriate way. And then, you're going to be able to get traction in your life long-term," Dr. Phil tells her. "And all of this can be over in a matter of weeks."

Alexandra says the way Dr. Berkley explained the situation to her is different than how Dr. Phil did. "The way that he describes it, I completely agree with. The way that you describe it, I don't really," she says. "The way you're describing it makes me seem like I go out and search for illegal drugs, and I'm abusing more than I'm supposed to be taking. And the way he described it is my body needs it because I've been on it for so long."

[AD]"I agree with him," Dr. Phil says. "I've said, I don't think you're like some drug addict getting illegal drugs in the alley … I've said, you are addicted to prescription drugs that you are getting from a licensed physician."

Dr. Phil makes one last attempt with Alexandra.