DP Family Returns: Alex in Danger: DP and Erin

Communication Halted
Dr. Phil explains the circumstances to Erin, letting her know the show will help Alexandra stay safe and with shelter but will not give her cash. "Our fear is that to do that is enabling her, and she will take that and spend it on drugs," he says, adding that the show has been willing to help her pay to have her truck fixed, but Alexandra only wants the cash given to her, not to someone else. The show has refused to give Alexandra any money.

"This is a disease. It has a powerful grip over her, and she is deathly afraid of not having access to her next fix," Dr. Phil tells Erin.

"Marty and I have taken the same approach you have," Erin says, explaining they are willing to help Alexandra but not give her money directly. "She was very angry."

"She has quit her dialogue with us at this point," Dr. Phil says, adding that she will probably become desperate and reach out again, and if she does, the show is willing to help her get to rehab. "We're not going to continue to listen to [her] hollow promises. We're not going to play a charade of [she's] too busy with school, etc," he says. "What I fear is that she's going to have a car wreck, or drive under the influence or have some kind of a problem before we can get her to safety."

[AD]"In my gut feeling, I think Alexandra has stooped to some really, really low levels with Tony " as far as what's going on in that hotel room " in her desperation to get anything to get money to get drugs. I think she's sold her truck," Erin says. "I don't mean to seem so callus, it's just heartbreaking, and I can't give my emotional energy to Alexandra anymore."

"I think we're coming up to a fork in the road," Dr. Phil says. "My fear is that she can die before we get to her."

"Do you think that we should try to do an official intervention with her?" Erin asks.

"I think she is very savvy, and I think she is very resistant, and I think there is going to be a moment in time where she is vulnerable and will respond, and I believe that will probably be with her father," Dr. Phil says.

"I agree with you," Erin says. "But unfortunately, I have to tell you, Marty is in some serious denial."

[AD]"If there is any influence that you can bring to bear, if there is any influence that Marty can bring to bear, if there is anybody that can get her ear and get her here, we have top-of-the-line treatment ready for her, if she will just walk through the door, "Dr. Phil says.

Erin speaks with Marty. Is he willing to reach out to his daughter?


Marty makes seven phone calls but is unable to reach Alexandra.