DP Family Returns: Alex Out of Hiding: Drugs

"You Don't Have to Run Away"

Dr. Phil sits down with Alexandra and tells her, "I don't like everything you do. I don't like decisions that you make, but you don't have to like every decision somebody makes to like them and care about them." He continues, "What I want from you in return is that you tell me the truth " even if it's an ugly truth " and if we disagree, or if I ask questions you don't like, then just say so, but I don't want to go through this ridiculous pattern [where you get upset and leave]."


This is the first conversation Dr. Phil has had with the young mom since her third child, Anthony Michael, was born July 5, allegedly addicted to drugs. "I understand there was a lot of drama at the hospital," he says to her.


Watch as tensions soar between Alexandra and her mom at the hospital.

Alexandra says she wanted her mom at the hospital if she behaved. "We had just talked about that days before," she says. "I don't understand her sometimes. It makes it really hard for us to have a relationship."

Dr. Phil recounts the events after the birth of Alexandra's child, and he asks her to clear up any misreported facts he's received. "After arrival, the baby starts to show signs of withdrawal. The baby was transported to the hospital with respiratory distress and suspected sepsis. Two days later, DCFS [Department of Children and Family Services] received a report from an abuse hotline alleging the baby was having withdrawals from some sort of drug the mother used during her pregnancy " OxyContin prescribed to her in 2008 due to a car accident, they alleged," he reads. 

[AD]Dr. Phil asks Alexandra, "Were you taking drugs during the pregnancy?"


Will the truth about Alexandra's alleged drug use finally be revealed?

When Dr. Phil last met with Alexandra's father, Marty, he alleged that his daughter was taking OxyContin, which was prescribed to her when she was in a car accident. Dr. Phil asks her, "Are you still taking it?"


"I have a doctor's appointment coming up. Yes, and we're going to discuss options," she replies.


"Are you addicted to it?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I'm not going to answer that," she says.

"But, you would have a hard time stopping it on your own," Dr. Phil says.

Alex agrees and says she's going to see a doctor because she realizes that people can die from withdrawals.


"If you were going to have a hard time stopping it, and you know it, then you're going to tell your doctor that," Dr. Phil says. Alexandra agrees. When he asks whether she's ever abused or taken too many, she says she doesn't believe so.


[AD]"I have never been so, as [my mom] says, 'doped out,' that I can't take care of myself, take care of my son, my daughter, or I'm sitting there falling asleep on myself and drool is coming out my face," Alexandra says. "I take what is prescribed for pain." She adds that pregnancy made the pain excruciating and the labor unbearable, and if she had been taking pain medications, she would have informed the hospital.