DP Family Returns: Alex Out of Hiding: Homeless and Vistation

"You're Broke
You're Homeless

Dr. Phil asks Alexandra where she's living, and she tells him she sleeps on a friend's couch. "It's very uncomfortable," she says. "I don't like inconveniencing anyone." She adds that at one point, she was staying in her friend's dad's trailer who had passed away; living without heat or other utilities.

"Look, this isn't OK," Dr. Phil says. "This is not a life for you. We need to change this."

"That's why I asked for help," Alexandra says.

"What have you been doing for money?" Dr. Phil asks. "How do you get money?"


Learn how Alexandra scrounges up cash, and what Dr. Phil tells her she needs to do.


Dr. Phil points out that it's probably best that her children are living with her parents, Marty and Erin, because she knows they are clothed, fed and have a roof over their head. He implores her not to get pregnant and to use this time to gain traction in her life.

Alexandra tells Dr. Phil where she stands with ex-husband, Chris. "I want to have a civil relationship with him," she says, however, adding he always wants something more. She shares that he still visits their daughter.


Dr. Phil questions the young mom about her visitation with her children. She says that she and Tony are supposed to see the baby on Thursdays at a supervised visitation center near where she lives. "The past couple of weeks, it hasn't really worked out," she says, adding that Tony missed the last one. Alexandra also visits her children at her parents' house on Sundays. "I wish I could see them more, but right now, this is all I can commit to. Sometimes, I just don't have the funds to get up there."

Alexandra breaks down as she describes her relationship with her family.


Alexandra reveals that she lost her license recently due to an outstanding ticket she never paid. In order to regain driving privileges, she must pay the ticket and a reinstatement fee, plus obtain insurance.


Alexandra admits that she's not equipped to care for her three children at this point. She describes how it felt to have her son taken from her arms. "It kind of makes me want to say, '* you everybody. Screw you.' There's nothing else. That's who I live for. Those are my kids," she shares, fighting back emotion.


[AD]Dr. Phil encourages Alexandra to get off the strong painkillers she says she currently takes, even though she says they don't negatively affect her life. He also urges her to see a back specialist. "I worry about a doctor who continues to give you prescriptions for pain medications knowing the baby is going to be addicted and knowing that that can create huge health problems for the baby. I don't know what the guy is thinking," he says.