DP Family Returns, Alex's Divorce: Alex and Erin

Still at Odds
"What do I need to do to get y'all pulling in the same direction?" Dr. Phil asks Alex and Erin.


"I suggested therapy. I would love to go to therapy with her," Alex replies. "I want to be friends with my mom. I want to be able to call her when Leilah's sick and be like, 'Oh, my God. What do I do?' I want that," she says.


"At the end of the last show, you implied that your mother could be responsible for bruises on Leilah's neck," Dr. Phil says. "Ignore the fact that those pictures are dated, those bruises are timed-out biologically, and she wasn't even having access to her at that time. So it's not even physically possible that could happen, which you know, anyway, but you actually implied that your mother could've been involved in that. You don't really believe that."


[AD]"No, not that she was involved, but the fact that my daughter has a 6-year-old brother who's rough. The fact that it could happen in her house was what I was implying," Alex says. "I wasn't trying to imply my mom did it on purpose, but the fact that it could've happened."


"That's exactly what you implied," Dr. Phil says.


"Well, I'm recanting what I said," Alex says.

"At some point, we've got to decide that we really want the same things, and we need to start saying, 'Alright, what is it that we can agree about?'" Dr. Phil says.


"My mom confessed to me that she would support me 100 percent if I left my boyfriend," Alex says. "He's the only obstacle that's in my way with my relationship with her."

"That wasn't everything, Sweetie," Erin says. "I said I would support you 100 percent if you did everything Dr. Phil asked you to do, and then I threw in my caveat of no Tony."


"I've done what you've asked me to do. I've done what my attorney has asked me to do. I've done what the courts have asked me to do. I have complied with everybody's lists except the one thing, and I feel like she's trying to throw away a relationship over just one obstacle," Alex says. Becoming emotional, Alex continues, "I'm trying. I really am. I'm trying. And to go to court and not have you in my corner, and I still do what they ask me to do, and I still try to fight for my children, even though I don't have the support of my family, could you give me some kind of credit? Just a little. That's all I'm asking for is just a little."


[AD]"I want you to know that there have been times when you were not involved with Tony or anybody else that I saw you exhibit some wonderful parenting skills with Leilah and Nathan both, and I was very proud of you at those moments," Erin tells her daughter. "You've just kind off gotten off track a little bit and made some bad choices, and I support you 100 percent, Alexandra, but I will not support you endangering your children, because they don't have a voice." 

Dr. Phil addresses the women. "You guys are going to have to decide that you can love and support one another without loving and supporting every choice they make," he says. To Erin, he says, "You need to let Alexandra know how you feel about her boyfriend, and you've done that." Facing Alex, he says, "I met this boyfriend when he was here, and I thought he behaved like a jerk. I thought he was disrespectful, and I thought he was rude to the staff, and if that had gone on much more, he and I would have had a problem.That's what gives people a bad feeling."


[AD]"That's fine," Alex replies. "I was upset at a situation, and he was trying his best to make me feel better, and if that came off as being an [expletive] to everybody " he said he was wrong."


"But that's his first impression with those people," Erin points out.


"You two are going to have to decide that you have a higher calling than being sarcastic and critical of one another," Dr. Phil reminds them. "Let's keep our eye on that ball."


The Dr. Phil show contacted Tony to respond to the abuse allegations. He says he loves Leilah very much, and would never hurt her in any way and is willing to do anything to prove that. Tony also says he'll do everything he can to help Alex get Leilah back.