DP Family Returns: Behind the Bruises: Alex

Alexandra's Take
Dr. Phil reveals the questions and results of the polygraph test to Alexandra.

Tony reiterates that he didn't understand what polygraph examiner Jack Trimarco was asking him.

"What you have to understand, Tony didn't go very far in school, and he doesn't read very well, and he doesn't understand a lot. It's not his fault," Alex says.

Dr. Phil tells her that both he and Jack felt like the test was clear to Tony.

"I understand with you telling me what it means," Tony says, explaining that when Jack asked him if he ever did anything to cause bruises on Leilah, he thought Jack meant physically hurt her, not just playing around.

"You're either lying, or something's way out of whack," Dr. Phil says to Tony. Turning to Alex, he asks, "What do you think?"

[AD]"I don't think he's lying," she says. "I know him better than most people. If he didn't care about Leilah, and if he wanted to hurt her in any kind of way or felt like that was OK " "

"I get that, but I can tell you, children are abused in America every day by people who love and would die for them," Dr. Phil says. "You say, Tony, that you don't have an anger problem, but you've been so mad in the last 15 minutes that it's hard for you to just sit there. I don't know what to think here. I don't like all the decisions you've made in your life. I think you've done some really dumb stuff."

"They weren't able to find that those [bruises] were abuse," Alex says.

Dr. Phil suggests that maybe Tony should retake the polygraph test. "I'm wiling to do anything to try and get this resolved," he says. "If he was abusing your child, you would want to know."

"Absolutely," Alex says.

Dr. Phil points out that Tony stepped up and took the test like he said, and he's been 80 percent cooperative in their discussion. "All that goes in the big plus column for me," he says. "I've worked with Jack for a number of years. He makes it clear, he's not accusatory, he's not trying to trap anybody, but you have responsibility in this test. This isn't Jack's fault."

[AD]Dr. Phil asks Tony, "Have you ever done anything to put bruises on Leilah?'

"Playing around, yes," he replies.

"You said no on the test, and you say yes now," Dr. Phil says. "So the test wasn't wrong."

"I see where you're coming from," Tony says.

"You say yes now, because you understand," Dr. Phil says.