DP Family Returns: Behind the Bruises: DP and Tony

"What in the World are You Doing Getting This Girl Pregnant?â€"

Dr. Phil sits down with Tony and reminds him that the last time they met was backstage after a show, and Tony wouldn't look Dr. Phil in the eye and didn't respond to his questions. "You didn't seem very happy to see me or talk to me, so why see me, talk to me now?" Dr. Phil asks.

"It seemed like the right thing to do, because I showed you a part of me that really is not me," he says. "I'm not a bad person."

Dr. Phil tells Tony that he has known Marty, Erin, Alexandra and Katherine for a long time and has a special connection with them. "I don't judge that somebody's bad based on one thing that I know about them. I don't judge that they're good. I think actions speak louder than words, so I'm watching to see what you do," he says. He adds that he's going to let the young man know some of the problems he sees. "Every question that I'm going to ask you, or every question that I've asked Alex, DCF or the court is going to ask. I would rather ask it ahead of time, and if the answer is bad, fix it, so when the people with authority ask it, we've got answers," he explains. "One of the problems that I've got is what in the world are you doing getting this girl pregnant?"

"We weren't planning to have a kid," Tony says.

"In this day and time, how do you get pregnant if you don't want to be?" Dr. Phil asks. "You weren't using any birth control?" 


[AD]"Yeah, she says she was," Tony says.

"She says she was on the pill?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yeah," Tony replies.

"She says you said that you were not capable," Dr. Phil points out.

"I really didn't think I was," Tony says. "I don't have any children. I have not been able to have children."


"You just assumed you weren't fertile because you had never had gotten anyone pregnant," Dr. Phil says.

Tony nods.

"We've talked with the attorney and with Alex, who have said that DCF's position is that you are considered a real negative in this situation and compromise her ability to regain custody of these children," Dr. Phil tells him.


"I told them I will do anything for her to get her kids back," Tony says, adding that he would move out. "I love this woman with all my heart, and I will do anything for her and her kids."

[AD]"Do you plan to get married?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes," Tony replies.

"How do you feel about raising other people's children?"

"When I got into this relationship, I took that on. I knew she had kids. I was fine with that. I love kids," he says.

"Can you provide for those children?"

Tony nods.

"When you were here before, I'm talking to [Alex] onstage, and you're sitting out in the audience with this badass, jaw-clenched look on your face that I guess is supposed to intimidate me or something. I talked to you back in the green room, you're obviously just seething with anger," Dr. Phil says. "Do you have an anger problem?"

"No," Tony replies. He explains his behavior on the previous show. "I hate to see her cry. Just the look in her face and know that I love her as much as I do and to see her cry, I cannot stand that."

"What do you think when you see her cry?" Dr. Phil asks.

"She shouldn't be," he says. "She tries to do everything right for everybody," he says, becoming emotional.

"Alex has a good heart," Dr. Phil says. "Do you think she loves her children?"


"Did she choose you over her children?"

"No. Absolutely not."

[AD]Dr. Phil tells Tony that Alex signed an agreement stating that she would not have Nathan in her house if there was an unmarried partner living in the house.

"She was 15 years old," Tony says. "From what I've heard, her mom made her sign that."

"It comes down to, ‘OK, either the child can stay, or Tony can stay.' The child went, and you stayed. How is that not choosing you over the child?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I told her, ‘If it takes me leaving for you to have your kids, that is fine,'" Tony reiterates, noting that he offered to help her financially as well. "Y'all make it seem like she's choosing me over her kids. That's not the case."

Dr. Phil holds up pictures of Leilah's bruises and asks Tony if he caused them. 


Watch Tony's impassioned response.