DP Family Returns: Behind the Bruises: Retest

Complication in the Case

Jack Trimarco agrees to retest Tony. On the day of the exam, he shares, "There's been a complication in the case. Tony is claiming to be in pain."


Tony says that his side hurts when he moves.

[AD]"In essence, he's calling in sick," Jack says. "In order for a person to be a suitable candidate for polygraph testing, he or she has to be free from pain."

Jack has a conversation with Tony to try and get to the root of his pain. "I came in today to help your situation, because I know it was a little bumpy yesterday, but if you're not feeling good, and I hear you're all congested, then maybe we'll do this another time when you're feeling better," he says to Tony. He leaves the room and says, "He's clearly not in any shape to take a polygraph test."

Erin responds to the news about Tony.