DP Family Returns: Custody Battles: Alex and Chris

Alex Answers Chris' Questions

Chris joins Dr. Phil onstage to watch Alex's responses to his questions.

Watch Alex's impassioned statements.

When the video ends, Dr. Phil asks Chris for his thoughts.

"I have not ever put my hands on her," he says. "I love Alex. I still love her to this day. She crosses my mind every day of my life. And number two, I did not cheat on her."

[AD]"Is it possible that when you drink or do drugs, you are a different person? Is it possible that you do things you don't have a conscious recollection of?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I'm conscious when I'm drinking. I've never raised my hand to her," Chris maintains.

"Chris, you don't even remember your wedding night, because you blacked out," Erin interjects.

The two bicker, and Chris admits that he beat up his best man at his wedding.

Chris has one more question for Alex.


Chris responds to Alex's statements, "It's not surprising for somebody to say something like that about somebody on national TV." He adds that he's never uttered a negative word about Alex or her family through this entire ordeal.

"Do you have, in the back of your mind, that one day you might reconcile?" Dr. Phil asks.

"It's a possibility," he says.

Erin interrupts. "Chris, during one of his arguments that he had, turned around and called me the biggest [expletive] you know what to my face, and when we get on the phone, for instance, just the other day, I was discussing something with Leilah, he started screaming at me," she says. "What we see here is gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful. Behind closed doors, it's a whole other situation."

[AD]"When people lie, people look in the other direction, and I believe I just caught you looking in the other direction," Chris retorts.

Dr. Phil asks Chris, "Is this true? Do you get out of control when you're behind closed doors or private?"

"A year ago, yes, sir. Me being locked up, I had to deal with emotions. I had to deal with problems," he says, denying that he yelled at Erin recently.