DP Family Returns: Custody Battles: Erin responds to Viewers

Viewer's Weigh In

Erin responds to her critics and supporters on the message board.

Community member Macker04 writes, "At first I did think you were a bit cold, but over time, I have changed my opinion, and I believe you have your grandchildren's best interests at heart."

Erin agrees that she is looking out for the well-being of her young grandkids.


Lorelei423 says, "Erin, you are so good at pointing out your daughter's mistakes when it comes to mothering her children. Ever stop and think where she learned what kind of mother to be? Children learn from example!"


[AD]Erin responds, "I think that, yes, there is some volatility, but some of the stuff that goes on with Alexandra was brought on by other influences outside of what she learned growing up."

Utahpatrish writes, "Take some comfort in the fact you're not alone, because me and many others are standing squarely behind you … Alex isn't going to make this easy, but it will pass. One day, she'll come out of the ‘fog,' and you'll have your beautiful daughter back."

"Hearing people like this that have a little more experience " their daughters are a little older " it's nice to hear that, because sometimes I get so in the moment that I think, Oh, gosh, is this going to be what it's like for the rest of my life?" Erin says.

Tammy, a mother of two, e-mailed her comment to the show and said Erin has been cruel and demanding of her daughter, giving her ultimatum on top of ultimatum and says that's no way to get results from Alex. She joins the show via phone and says, "Erin, I think you are very cruel and manipulating. I don't think that you have Alex's best interest at heart. It's very frustrating to see you, as a mother, sitting on the stage, criticizing your daughter, who clearly needs help, guidance, support, to become a parent and a caretaker for her children."

Dr. Phil asks Tammy, "What would you do differently?"

"I'm going to have that relationship with my daughter that she knows that I'm not just saying the words; I'm always going to be there for you," she says. "You should be right there teaching her the right things to do and teaching her how to maintain her family. She needs to be taught by you, her mother, how to be a parent. You must have forgotten that somewhere along the way."


[AD]"I absolutely agree with what she is saying," Erin says. "Looking back, I wanted to have Alexandra's experience with Nathan be as positive as possible, so when the negative things happened, I tended to jump in and take care of them and not have her have to deal with all of the really hard things." She adds that she wanted her daughter to finish high school and feel a loving, close relationship with Nathan. "I did step totally back with Leilah."