DP Family Returns: DP Scolds Family: complaints

Dr. Phil's Scolding

One of Katherine's complaints about Alex is that she puts her fiancé, Tony, before her children. "She had the choice to either let Nathan live with her or Tony, and she chose Tony," Katherine says.


"Guilty or not guilty?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


"That was a bad choice. It was wrong, and if I could go back and change that, I would," she says. "I would have asked Tony to move somewhere else for the time being."


[AD]"It's not too late to do that," Dr. Phil says.


Katherine also says Alex repeats the secrets she tells her, and that she's too dependent on other people and can't be alone. "It was Nathan's father, then it was Chris, and now it's Tony," Katherine says. "She's a strong woman, and she needs to show it."


"Does she have valid points?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


"I don't like to be alone; I don't. Since I've been little, I don't like to be alone."


Alex complains that Katherine doesn't go away to school, and she's missing the opportunity to leave the toxic home environment she complains about. 


"I should go off to school, but I'm afraid that I'm going to miss my family. I do love them very much, and I would miss them," Katherine says, crying.


"But yet, you're abusive with your family at home," Dr. Phil says.


"Yes, and I want to change it," she says.


Alex also says that Katherine takes advantage of her parents by coming and going as she pleases and not helping out around the house. "She wants to say that I'm never there. I am there three to four days a week," Alex says. "Katherine just comes and goes ... On the weekends, nobody can get ahold of her. It's scary, because she is young, and what if we need her for something, and if she's not answering her phone, I think she's dead on the side of the road." She adds that her sister drinks and parties.


Another complaint Alex has is that Katherine blames others for her problems.


"I do blame people for my problems. I want to be able to change that. I want to fix it," Katherine says, fighting emotions. "I want to get better. I want to able to blame myself, and like you say, edit the words that I say. I want to be able to do that."


[AD]"You had an appointment with Kathleen, [the therapist], to work on those kinds of things, and she hasn't been able to get ahold of you. You didn't show up, you didn't call," Alex says to her sister.


Katherine says she missed her appointment because she's busy with school and volunteering. "That isn't an excuse, and to be honest, I'm scared to go see Kathleen, because I never talked to anybody like that before. I've never confided everything in one person ever."


"That sounds like excuses to me," Alex says.

Dr. Phil makes it clear that he's tired of hearing excuses from the women, and he has a stern warning for the family.


"You need to make sure they understand," Dr. Phil says to Erin. To Alex, he continues. "I don't know Tony very well, but I'll tell you what I think; the guy is doing the best he can. He's made some really dumb choices in his life. I've even stood up for him, have I not?" he says. To both girls, he says, "If you think I'm bluffing, try me. Try me one time. It's time for you to grow up."


[AD]Both girls nod, and Katherine has tears welled in her eyes.


"I had no idea that you demanded stuff. That was kind of a surprising," Erin says to her daughters.


"I got a list that you would just be ashamed of," Dr. Phil says. "It reads like a greenroom list for a diva at a concert. And you put up with it."


"I do," Erin says.


"Well, you do what you want to do. I'm done, and I suggest that you be done as well."