DP Family Returns: Erin's Dilemma: Alex Returns

"I'm Begging You"

In another room, Alex tearfully expresses her frustration. "My mom is showing the prime example of what I talk about, how she favors my sister," she says, voice quavering. "How is it OK that she calls me out on things that I've done wrong, and she won't do it to my sister, just because my sister risks going to jail. Well, I risk losing my kids, and I think that's a little more important. I just want to go home."

[AD]Alex doesn't believe her sister will ever tell the truth. "She's a spoiled-rotten, little bitch who doesn't want to go to jail," she says. "If you look on her phone right now, I'm sure there's a number from the jail, talking to Sean."


Alex rejoins the conversation and doesn't hold back as she tells her mom how she feels.


"I don't know what to do now," Erin says.

"What you need to do is hear what [Alex] is telling you," Dr. Phil says. "Right or wrong, this is her perception." He adds that if Erin is accepting Katherine's lies, she's actually putting her daughter in harm's way. "If [Katherine] is full of crap and blowing smoke, she's going to get caught, and she's going to go to jail, and you're going to sit back and say, ‘I knew it, and I didn't do anything about it,'" Dr. Phil says to Erin. He reiterates to Katherine that if she's lying about her behavior, she will get caught. "I'm trying to get you guys to understand that the wheels come off here."

"I have protected her because I keep hoping that she's going to make the right decision," Erin says. "This is a bunch of crap. She's still smoking pot."

Alex addresses her sister, "I think that you're selfish, and I think that you don't seem realize I had my kids taken from me " "

"Because you let somebody hit them, because you chose to live with Tony over [your son] Nathan," Katherine says, interrupting her sister.

[AD]"You're right, because at the time, that was a better " "

The two sisters talk over each other.

"Nathan was better off with my mom, because I was making stupid choices," Alex admits. "But you know what? Now, I'm trying to change those, and get my children back and make the right decisions."

"What were the stupid choices you were making?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I had bad friends, and I went to drink. I went out and partied a couple of times," she says.

"The only way that we're going to get better," Erin says, being interrupted by Alex.

"Katherine's not going to be honest," Alex says.

"Whatever," Erin says. "Let's get real with our perception of time."

"Then stop protecting Katherine and stand up for once! I would wish you would stand up for me like you stand up for her," Alex says, pointing out that her mother found drugs on Katherine but won't admit it, while when she suspected Alex was taking pills, she mentioned it without having evidence.

Mother and daughter bicker.

"You're right," Erin says to Alex.

"So why can't you just get it?" Alex asks her mom.

"I don't know," Erin says.

[AD]Dr. Phil reminds the women that when they choose a behavior, they choose the consequences. "Alexandra, you are walking a tightrope because of the custody battles you're in, and you're walking it well at this point, but you know there's no variance, and I'm very proud that you are. The day will come that Nathan and Leilah will be very glad that you were willing to do what you had to do," he says. "I think Tony is a very high-risk person to be in your life, and you know the risks that come with that."

To Katherine, Dr. Phil says, "You may think that you're smart enough to beat the system and be able to continue to live a reasonable life. I'm telling you, you're on the radar."