DP Family Returns: Erin's Dilemma: Katherine, Alex, Erin

"Don't Settle Too Cheap"

Dr. Phil tells the women that the only way to improve their relationships with each other is to change their behavior. "When I was talking with your dad in New York, he very painfully said, ‘What is it about these girls that they settle and pick crummy guys?'" he tells Alex and Katherine.

Alex agrees with her father regarding most of the men she's been with. Katherine shares that her ex-boyfriend, Sean, is currently in county jail for six months.

Dr. Phil plays a video from a previous show where Alex and Katherine comment on each other's love lives. "Y'all have great insight into each other's situation, but you seem dysfunctionally blind in your own situation," he says to the sisters. "We have this common theme of jail. Is it the bad boy thing?"

"No. It's just, I'm sorry, our youth happens to be morally screwed up," Alex says.

"You don't think you want to fix boys?" Erin asks her.

"That, too," she replies. "I feel like I had to fix them, because you had to fix my dad."

Dr. Phil takes Alex to task. "What you're saying is not true," he says. "You said today's youth, they're all going to jail. That's not true."

[AD]"Not all of them," she says. "But look at today's society. It's not the same as it was when you guys were growing up."

"But, Honey, I didn't date guys who went to jail," Erin says.

"No, Mom. You dated a brain surgeon, and then you met dad, and he was a maintenance man," Alex retorts.


"When girls look like you two look, have the personalities that you have and have the intellect that you have, you don't have to date jailbirds," Dr. Phil says to Alex and Katherine. "You've got to figure this out. You don't want to settle too cheap."

Dr. Phil encourages the women to find men who have good morals and passions in their lives. "What matters is that they have a code of conduct, that they have a maturity, that they have a spirit," he says. "If you want different, you're going to have to start doing different."

Alex shares her thoughts. "I guess I have a more open mind about it," she says. "Tony might not have graduated from high school, but we have some pretty deep, intellectual conversations about politics, and war, and what he thinks and how he feels."

"I think you deserve somebody where you don't have to have your utilities turned off, where you don't have to wonder where the next meal is going to come from. I think you deserve somebody who is willing to stand up and be committed to providing for you. It has to be somebody who has a standard. I promise you, I would have spent all night picking pop bottles up beside the road if I had to to cash them in for pennies, if it was required to feed Robin," Dr. Phil says. "I think that people who make bad decisions tend to make bad decisions. Tony may be the exception that proves a rule." He adds that the only interaction he had with Tony was for a few minutes, and he doesn't have an opinion of him. "I'm not going to judge a guy based on three minutes, and he's paid his debt to society, so I don't judge him for that. The question is what's he going to do now?"

"How is he going to be able to support you?" Katherine asks her sister.

"He has a job," Alex says. "You guys only want to see the fact that he smokes cigarettes but so does Katherine, and you did at one point."

[AD]"I don't care if he smokes cigarettes. I just think you can find a guy who's more on your caliber," Katherine says.

Alex laughs at her sister.

"And I can too," Katherine continues. "I haven't been talking to Sean."

"Yeah, but you talk to his best friend," Alex says.

"I hang out with brand-new friends now. They all go to school," Katherine says.

"I'm just telling you, if you keep hooking up with a certain element of society, you're going to get what you've had," Dr. Phil says.