DP Family Returns: Erin's Reveal: Custody

Nurturing the Children

"Erin has temporary custody of Leilah. My next court date is in September, and we are going to trial," Chris, Alex's ex-husband and father to 2-year-old Leilah, says on video. "Why do I have to be the bad guy when I've done nothing wrong? It really, really upsets me that I have to go through all this trouble and spend all this money on these classes and this case plan on false allegations. There's no proof of me ever touching Alexandra. I've never put my hands on her. Alexandra's lies have cost me more time and money than she can ever imagine."


Chris shares his thoughts about the possibilty that Leilah will live with Alex and her fiancé, Tony. "I cannot go to sleep at night knowing that my daughter is in the same household that DCF removed her from. I don't trust Tony around my daughter, because he put his hands on my daughter. He took a polygraph test. He failed to take four more. That's pretty much enough proof for me. I mean, in my heart, I knew it was him. It's something that can never be forgiven, forgotten. It's something that I'll live with for the rest of my life," he says. "If Alex gets custody of Leilah, child support is going to be at least $300 a month. I don't like the fact that I'm going to be paying Alexandra and Tony's light bill, because that money is not going to go to my child. I tell you that."


[AD]When the tape ends, Dr. Phil asks Alex for her thoughts.


"Chris still owes my mom child support from January. Chris has not made a single truck payment. He has no insurance on his truck. His driver's license is expired," she says. "He's worried where his money is going to go instead of worrying about what he can do to be a better part in his daughter's life."


"He's concerned about Leilah being around Tony," Dr. Phil says.


"Well, I'm concerned about Leilah being around his friends and his floozy, little girlfriends," Alex retorts.

"Are we all agreed, that Leilah is exactly where she needs to be, in your home, Marty and Erin, with you taking care of her on a day-to-day basis? Is that what is best for this child, Erin?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Today, it is, because Nathan will be with her in a few more weeks," Erin says. "They are together on the weekends regularly, but they will be together when Nathan returns home. It's a safe place, it's a home base, it's where they know they can go, and they will be loved unconditionally."


"Yeah, I'm not saying that's a permanent situation but in this moment, in this day and time," Dr. Phil says. "Alexandra, do you agree with that?"


[AD]"Well, right now, I guess, yeah. It's a good situation for her to be able to be with her brother," Alex says. 


"You have a question for me about that?" Dr. Phil asks Alex.


"How do I transition, I guess, from having no children to having this new baby and having Leilah be there as well, and Nathan be there some days, too?" she asks. 


Dr. Phil shares his advice with Alex.