DP Family Returns: Erin's Reveal: Reveal

"I Don't Quite Recognize Myself Right Now"

As Erin started working out and eating healthily, she began to meet the goals Dr. Phil set for her, and he rewarded her with the opportunity to have cosmetic surgery performed by Dr. Drew Ordon, co-host of The Doctors.


On surgery day, Erin expresses her excitement about the procedure. "I'm really looking forward to having a more youthful appearance on my eyes and my skin looking smoother. I'm very excited, and I can't wait to get started. Thank you, Dr. Phil, and Dr. Ordon, and Dr. Chopra and all the staff," she says, as she's wheeled into the operating room.


In the operating room, Dr. Ordon explains that they've elevated Erin's skin to give her a tighter appearance. "We've finished the upper eyelids. We've done face, neck lifting. Now, we're going to do some volume enhancement in her face. Finally, a fractional CO2 laser," he says. "This was the ultimate makeover. Erin's going to be really happy."


After the surgery, Erin lets cameras follow her healing process. "When I look in the mirror, I'm still shocked, because my face is still very tight due to a lot of the swelling, so I don't quite recognize myself right now," she shares. "Marty is going to be here very shortly, and I have not seen him for a week. I just can't wait to see him. I just hope he doesn't pass out when he sees me." 


[AD]Marty enters her room with flowers, and the two embrace. 


"Oh, you're scared," Erin says, as she watches his expression. "I'm sure I'll be fine. Just seeing you made me feel better."


Later in the day, Marty confesses, "It's a little scary for me, but I'm sure the final product will be beautiful. I was nervous. I didn't sleep at all while she was going through this procedure, but I'm glad I'm here, and she seems upbeat, and I'm sure she'll be just fine."

In studio, Dr. Phil says, "Erin doesn't know that her husband, Marty, has flown across the country to our studio for the first time this year to surprise her ... These two have had their ups and downs in their 24-year marriage, but at this point, they are strong now for these kids and for their grandchildren." He adds that Erin was upset when she found out Marty couldn't make it to Los Angeles for the show.


Dr. Phil greets Marty and asks him, "How are you doing?"


"I'm great," he replies.


Dr. Phil also welcomes Erin and Marty's oldest daughter, Alexandra, to the show. She joins via satellite. "She originally agreed to be here in the studio to support her mom, but on the eve of her flight, she wound up going to the emergency room because of contractions," he says.


Alex explains that recently, she thought she was suffering Braxton Hicks contractions, but the pain began moving from her back toward her stomach. "They got really, really painful, so I called my doctor, and he told me to go ahead and come into the office. They wanted to monitor everything to make sure that it was OK. When I was on the monitor, there actually were contractions, but I wasn't dilating, so they hooked me up to an IV and gave me some kind of steroid, and everything just stopped," she says. "But I did ask. I said, 'You know, my mom has something really special going on, and I really need to be there.'" But the doctor did not approve of her flying across the country to Los Angeles.  


[AD]"I'm probably going to agree with him on this one," Dr. Phil says. "You were crying and worried about this, but everything is OK now?"


"Yeah, everything is fine," she replies. "I really wanted to be there for my mom. I know this was really important for her, and she's worked really hard, and I just want to be there for her."

"This isn't all about looking good. It's about a return to health, and she's done a lot of really hard work," Dr. Phil says, referring to Erin. "It's been three weeks since she underwent the surgery. It's time to see the new Erin! Come on out!"


Erin makes a grand entrance onstage.


"Dr. Ordon, walk us through this," Dr. Phil says. 


"We call this the ultimate facial rejuvenation. We started with her eyes. We did what we call a short scar facelift, and then, finally, we did two special things: added volume to her face. We did something called the Matrix " took her own fat from her tummy and put it into her cheekbones, her mid-face, around her chin and then finally, the frosting on the cake was a full-face laser resurfacing for the fine lines, the sun spots, that kind of thing," he explains. 


"Dr. Chopra, did you expect this course? Is this what you expected, and is it going as planned?" Dr. Phil asks.


[AD]"It's almost perfect. She's actually healing much faster than we thought," he says. "When someone ages, they lose three things: their elasticity in their face, their volume and their texture. We attacked all three things, and she looks so good. I'm really happy."


"I saw you during the process, way back. I think the time I saw you, you were pretty red, looked like you had a really bad sunburn," Dr. Phil says to Erin. 


"We call that Camp Chernobyl, after that full-face fractional CO2 laser," Dr. Ordon says. "If you're not used to seeing that kind of look, it's scary, because you do look a little bit like a burn victim."

Dr. Phil asks Erin, "How do you feel? How does this match to what your expectations were?"


"It exceeds my expectations," she says. "Working out with Wes and Laurie at Fitness Together and with Robert Reames, they really helped me get my body where I needed to be physically, the way I felt I should be. I get up, and I'm lighter, I'm healthier."


Erin has lost 25 pounds she began her journey in January. "Robert, how motivated was she?" Dr. Phil asks. "I told Robert that I wanted him on her like a duck on a junebug. I want to really get her going."


"She was clearly motivated. You talk about that state of readiness. She was over the top with that, and she attacked it from moment one and never turned back," he says.


"In fact, when we got ready to do the surgery, Dr. Ordon, she was saying, 'I don't want to disrupt my exercise,'" Dr. Phil says. 


"I didn't. I just felt so much better," Erin explains. "There's a chemical reaction when you get your heart rate up, that cardio, and these guys encouraged me so much. You know, you talk about a support team, and I have the best support team ever."


Robin adds that she knew Erin would look amazing. "I always saw that little spark of how she wanted to get back to where she was before," she says. "I'm shocked, though. I can't believe she looks this good."


[AD]Dr. Phil asks Marty, "What do you think? Pleased?"


"Very pleased," he says with a smile. 


"I think Marty and Erin deserve some time away to kind of reconnect, lie in the sun and relax," Dr. Phil says. "I've arranged a surprise for them to go off to a spectacular, ocean front, Florida Keys vacation resort called Cheeca Lodge and Spa. This place is so cool. You can play golf, you can just lie around and be worthless."


Marty and Erin thank Dr. Phil.