DP Family Returns: Katherine Fired: DP and Alex

Candid Conversation

Alex is visibly uncomfortable and explains what she's experiencing. "They're called Braxton Hicks. They're little mini contractions. They're uncomfortable," she says.


Dr. Phil asks Alex if she plans to raise her unborn child in her home as a traditional family. She says that's her goal. "I was looking at a statistic that says the average cost of raising a baby who was born in 2010 through the age of 17 is about $221,000," he tells her. "You have three, so that math would be $663,000, which speaks to the sense of stopping having kids."

Alex explains that she recently learned that the state she lives in provides long term-forms of birth control, like the IUD.

"At this point, you've got some huge financial challenges in that regard," Dr. Phil points out. "Does Tony step up to that?"

"He does what he can," she says. "I think he wants to do what's best for our child."

[AD]Dr. Phil reminds Alex that Tony walked off the stage during the last show, so he will no longer work with him. "Unlike your parents, I do what I say, and I said, ‘People walk off when talking to me, I'm done.' He did. I'm done," he says. "I think he's making a lot of bad choices right now."

Dr. Phil tells Alex that Chris will be joining the show and gives her the option of leaving the stage. Alex says she doesn't feel comfortable staying, so she leaves.