DP Family Returns: Katherine Fired: Erin

A New Life

Dr. Phil tells Erin that as a role model, she must take care of herself, and that's why he wanted her to start working out and eating healthy. She has been following a new lifestyle for a few months.

"Isn't it amazing how fast you feel better?" Dr. Phil asks.

Erin agrees. "I'm shocked," she says.

Dr. Phil tells Erin that she's lost 14 inches, went from a pant size 12 to a size 8, can now do 27 pushups from being able to do seven and has lost 4.7 percent body fat. He asks her if she's still suffering back pain.

"My back never bothers me now. I cannot even believe it," she says with a smile.

Erin has made comments to Dr. Phil producers about wanting to feel better and look fresher. "I think, frankly, you have earned and deserve it," Dr. Phil tells her. "I have a surprise for Erin. If she really wants it, I'm going to hook you up with Dr. Drew Ordon, the plastic surgeon from the show The Doctors."

Dr. Phil plays a video message from Dr. Ordon.

[AD]Dr. Phil asks Erin, "You want to freshen yourself up a little bit?"

"I'm nervous, but I think, yeah," she says with a laugh. "I don't want to look 20, but I don't want to look tired."

"Do something for yourself," Dr. Phil says. "You've got a long run with these kids. You've got a lot of stress and pressure. You've been working very hard to take care of yourself now, in terms of eating right and exercising, so I want you to sit down with Dr. Ordon and see what you guys want to do."