DP Family Returns: Katherine's Aftermath: Alex and Katherine

Sisters at War

On video, Alex shares her thoughts about her sister's behavior and medical condition. "I think Katherine lies about everything. I think that when she's busted and backed into a corner she blames everybody else and says, ‘Oh, you did this, and you did that,' so that they won't focus attention on her, and then it just so coincidentally happens that every time somebody points out something bad about her, [she says], ‘Oh, my kidneys,'" Alex says. "I think that she has kidney problems. I don't think that they're extreme. I don't think they're to the extent that she makes everybody else think that they are. Katherine's kidneys are her way to get attention, because every time something happens with me, it's, ‘My kidneys.'"


In studio, Dr. Phil addresses the sisters via satellite. "If I could take the two of you and parachute you into a remote camp in the Antarctic, and the two of you were just there together, I'll bet you the two of you would just do great. I think you love each other. I think you really care about each other. I think that when one of you hurts, the other one hurts," he says. "Alex, are you concerned about Katherine, at this point, and the choices she is making?"


[AD]"I do know that she's young, and she's going to make mistakes," she says. "But I do worry that she's not going to be able to cope with the outcomes of the mistakes that she makes."


"Katherine, is there a point where it makes sense for you to just be honest, no matter what's going on, good or bad?" Dr. Phil asks.


"In front of my sister, no, because she uses it as ammo against me, and she will lash out when she's angry and say the things that I confide in her. So, I will never trust her with anything. Ever," Katherine says.

"The things that we talked about in our interview just a few days ago, were you honest with me then?" Dr. Phil asks Katherine.


"Yes, except for the one thing," she says, admitting that she lied about the bong her mom found.


"Were you honest about where you were that weekend?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Yes," Katherine says, and Alex offers an expression of disbelief. 


"So I guess Chris, and Cheryl and everybody's lying, Katherine?" Erin asks her daughter. 


"Yes, and if we're going to have this conversation, I'm not going to do that," she says. 


"I would think you would want to know this. If these people are lying, I would want to know why," Dr. Phil says. 


"Because they want Leilah. They don't want my parents to have Leilah. Chris has told me that. Chris has said, ‘I will do everything in my power to ruin your sister's life to get Leilah,'" Katherine says.


[AD]Alex interjects, "At this point, I'm not concerned about Chris taking [Leilah] or anything like that. As for making my life hell, I'm sure that he could to the best of his ability."


Dr. Phil asks Katherine if she's spoken to her father, and she tells him they've shared a few words. Erin adds that Marty has changed his mind and will allow Katherine to live in the house. Katherine maintains that she doesn't want to live at home.


Dr. Phil tells Katherine what he said to Erin earlier, "I'd love to see you live in a dormitory with young, positive people."


Exactly. I don't need to be around 3-year-olds and 6-year-olds all day," she says.

When Katherine returned home after the last taping, she and Alex also engaged in a verbal spat about how much gas was in their car. Erin interrupts, saying, "The both of you have to stop fighting. Really."


[AD]"No, she's not anything to me. She's beneath me," Katherine responds.


"She's your sister," Erin says.


"No, she's not," Katherine retorts.


In the studio, Dr. Phil asks Katherine and Alex what needs to happen for them to rebuild their bond. 


See Katherine's harsh statements toward Alex.

"It's very clear that you have a lot of anger," Dr. Phil says to Katherine.


"Oh, I do," she admits. "I understand it's not healthy, but if I allow her in my life, she will ruin my life, just as she attempted to ruin my childhood."


"There is no hope for this relationship at all?" Dr. Phil asks.


"There is no hope for this relationship. I stopped it four years ago, or three years ago," she says. 


"At this point, what you want to do is move out of the house, go to college?" Dr. Phil asks. 


"And create my own family and have my own life," Katherine says, adding that she doesn't want to be in her sister's shadow anymore.


"Do you want to have a relationship with your mother?" Dr. Phil asks.


[AD]"Yes," she says. As for a relationship with her dad, she says, "My father and I, since I've been 2 years old, we are opposite sides of the spectrum. I don't know why. He has always favored my sister. He's announced it on television that he's loved her more than me. We're friends, and we'll continue to be friends, and I love my father. I respect him. I just wish that he would be more of a father figure."


Dr. Phil asks Alexandra for her thoughts. 


"I ruined Katherine's life. I did this. She just doesn't take responsibility for anything. It's always everybody else. Everybody else has something to do with why she is the way she is. I think it's just silly," she says.