DP Family Returns: Katherine's Aftermath: Custody Update

Custody Battle Update

Alex is joined by her custody attorney Curtis Fallgatter, and he shares an update on the custody cases.


"It's been a classic team effort with the help from your show; her mother and father are with her all the way. She's working closely with them. She's working closely with the DCF folks. They very much admire her sincerity and her commitment to the family plan that we agreed to back in November," Curtis says. "We're making great progress there and hope to continue doing that."


"I understand that the criminal charges that were pending against you have been completely dropped," Dr. Phil says to Alex. She confirms. "Curtis, at this point, I assume DCF is looking into the other side of this issue with Chris and that he has now considered an offending parent?"


[AD]"Yes, sir," Curtis says, explaining the situation. "We had that arraignment last week. He's been labeled an offending parent on several grounds, including the fact that he was recently released from jail on a violation on his aggravated battery charge. He also has documented domestic violence against Alex in the presence of the children, which is obviously not good for a parent, documented alcohol abuse problems."


"And of course, none of that has been proven. That's just what is alleged at this point with regard to Chris," Dr. Phil notes.  

Chris shares his thoughts on being named an offending parent in his custody case.


Alex responds to Chris' comments. "If he really cared about his daughter, he would have chosen to stay at the house instead of wandering out to the bar and drinking until all hours of the night, leaving me alone with a broken back to care for my daughter," she says. "If Chris was really concerned with the well-being of his daughter, he would have chosen her over jail."


"How is this going to turn out, Alexandra? Are you going to prevail in this case?" Dr. Phil asks.


"Absolutely. I don't have a doubt in my mind," she replies.


[AD]"We don't want to have a battle with Chris. It's ironic for him to talk about his stellar background, when he goes to jail for aggravated battery and engages in abuse in the presence of the children, but that's the past," Curtis says. "The purpose of DCF is to give him parenting skills. He's supposed to take those classes. We hope he will, and we're going to support that, so he can play an important role in his daughter's life, with Alex, of course, as the primary custodial parent. So, I expect to prevail."


Dr. Phil asks Erin, "You support Alex in this completely at this point?"


"Yes, that's totally correct," Erin says. "She has really stepped up to the plate, Dr. Phil. She comes and sees her daughter regularly."