DP Family Returns: Katherine's Aftermath: Erin

Mother and Daughter at Odds

When Katherine returned home, her demeanor was calm, but she quickly got into a heated discussion with her mother, Erin.


"What happened yesterday?" Erin asks her daughter.


"After dad yelled at me and told me that he doesn't want me in his house because he doesn't want to ruin the chances of you guys having Leilah and Nathan, Dr. Phil called me, and he told me the best thing for me to do would be to get out of this environment, because I don't deserve to be a surrogate mother for my sister's children," Katherine says. 


"My only concern is that you may party too much while you're away," Erin says.


"I really don't care, to be perfectly honest," the teen retorts.


"You're not a surrogate mother for Leilah and Nathan," Erin says. "As we know, your dad can fly off the handle at times, and say things that he totally doesn't mean and make threats that he absolutely does not mean, so your dad saying that you're not welcome in this house is him having a blowup."


"And I'm done with the blowups. I don't deserve to be treated like a piece of dirt. I am his child. He should have never, never said, 'I don't want you in this house because of what you will do to cause me to lose Leilah and Nathan.' He should be more concerned about losing me. I'm cutting my ties with a lot of issues in this family," Katherine says. "These aren't your children. They're Alexandra's."


"So why does that make you so mad?" Erin asks her daughter.


"Because you're supposed to be my mother," she says. "When I needed you the most, where were you?"


"When you were in jail? Right there," Erin says. 


"I'm talking about when I was in UCLA, and I didn't have anybody to go to the CAT scan with me, where were you? What were you doing? You were taking Alexandra's children to court. Alexandra's children," Katherine says, adding that her mother should be worried about her own children.  


"When she's 19 years old and pitches hissy fits just about every other day, then tells me about how she doesn't need me, and she's so mature and above everybody else, guess where I'm going to go? I'm going to go take care of the 2-year old," Erin says. "Right now, I'm angry at your temper tantrum that you had yesterday with Dr. Phil. You stormed off having a tantrum. "


[AD]"Yeah, because of lies that people made up," Katherine says.


"We're not making up lies, Katherine," Erin says. "Oh, the bong wasn't yours?"


"No, that was Sean's, actually," she replies. 'I'm ready to move on with my life. I'm not discussing anything that I don't want to discuss anymore, and I'm done."

In the studio, Dr. Phil asks Erin, "Why do you think she got up and walked out?" 


"Because you busted her," she says. "There was nowhere for her to go, and like you said, she was having a temper tantrum, because we called her out on every single thing, and we had evidence of what was going on, and I think that she just didn't know what else to do."


"She says that you probably planted the bong," Dr. Phil says. 


Erin laughs and says, "I shouldn't laugh, but it's just so ridiculous to think that I went somewhere, and got a bong, and made sure it was used and then planted it in her room. First of all, this is not the first bong I've ever found."


[AD]"I do not think it is a healthy environment for her to be living at home. I think Marty can be so incendiary and volatile in the things that he says," Dr. Phil tells Erin. "If she's going to go to school full time, then she needs to get a job, she needs to get financial aid, she needs to do all the things that responsible, young people do to create the world that they want. And I share with you your concern. I don't think it's healthy for her to be living at home for anybody, you or her, and if she goes off on her own, and lives in an apartment without any supervision, without any accountability, without anybody to monitor the situation, I think she would be very prone to making very bad decisions."


Erin agrees. 

"What I'm trying to do at this point is get both of these girls to start being realistic with themselves and stop saying whatever it takes in the moment to get through the moment, without any concern for what that means down the road," Dr. Phil tells Erin. He adds that Alexandra and Katherine must acknowledge that their behavior has consequences.


"I agree," Erin says. "Do you have some sort of a thought as to how we can transition Katherine into adulthood, that she claims to be?"


[AD]"I think you're one day at a time at this point," Dr. Phil says. Noting that Katherine is attending school full time, he says, "I think we need to support that in every way we can, but she has to do it. You can't do it for her. You can't get her up every morning and make sure she gets there." He suggests that once the teen gets traction with school, it would be a positive influence for her to go to a college where she can live in a dormitory with other like-minded students and carry other responsibilities. "I would love to see her get a good semester under her belt at this local college and then go to a place with a dormitory, and a university environment and get herself in that situation."