DP Family Returns: Tough Choices: baby

Custody Concerns
Erin tells Dr. Phil that she has concerns about Alexandra's fiancé, Tony, especially in regards to the two custody battles Alexandra is fighting with the fathers of her two children. She explains that Alexandra and Tony have said they will do whatever it takes for reunification of Alexandra and her son, Nathan, but Tony is still living with Alex. "I don't know exactly why that is," she says.

"You don't believe Tony should be in the home," Dr. Phil says.

"In order to help her case, I absolutely believe that," Erin says. "DCF has said, â€˜We're not going to go on record and say that, however, we're going to tell you that the likelihood of you getting your child with a paramour,' or even if she married him right now, 'is a problem, and we'll not approve a home study,' and without an approved home study, she can't have the children."

[AD]"Do you concur with their concerns?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes, I do," she says, hesitating. "I really want Alexandra to have her children back. I really try to avoid talking about Tony at all, because it really creates a lot of discord between her and me."

"I don't care about the discord, not even a little bit," Dr. Phil says. "It's time we've got to start being honest and dealing with this stuff straight up."

Alex joins via satellite because she says flying is stressful to her and her baby, and her doctor is concerned about her stress levels.

Dr. Phil plays a video of Alexandra and her fiancé, Tony, going for the sonogram to find out the sex of their baby, who is due in July. The couple learns they are having a boy and decide to call him Anthony Michael Jr, or Little Tony.

[AD]When the tape ends, Dr. Phil says, "The significant part of that sonogram for me, I guess, is it just puts very clearly that we have a human being on the way here." He explains that he believes in order for Alexandra to maximize the situation for her children, Nathan, Leilah and the baby on the way, she must change her priorities. "I think some of the judgment, some of the choices, some of the behaviors until now, I would have a huge problem with if they continued," he says.

"I agree completely with that," Alex says.