DP Family Returns: Tough Choices: Erin and Tony Face off

Erin and Tony Face Off

Attorney Curtis Fallgatter, who has been working with Alexandra on her custody cases, calls a meeting with Alexandra, Tony and Erin to discuss the latest developments.


Go inside the meeting and learn what has Erin so upset.


In studio, Dr. Phil asks Erin, "Why did you lose it at that point?"

[AD]"I just wasn't ready for that at all, so as Curtis was describing how they were going to talk about Tony, how great he was, how much he loved Nathan and Leilah, and all the wonderful things that he's doing, I just felt like my insides were … I just couldn't sit there," she says.

Dr. Phil points out that Tony has completed classes and done the things he's been asked to do. "I want to give him that due," he says.

See what happens when Alexandra, Tony and Erin resume the meeting with Curtis.

Dr. Phil asks Alex, "Is Tony going to move out of the house?"

"Well, Curtis, since then, has done some research and found that nowhere in any of the legal documents or other cases has there ever been a paramour required to move out in order to do a home study," she says. "He said to hang tight at this point, and if it comes down to it, we're still kind of in a standstill."

Dr. Phil warns Alex about her behavior and its affect on her future.


Dr. Phil asks Alex, "What's your priority? Is your priority to have the best chance for the children, or is your priority to have Tony in the home for the short term?"

"That would be something that I would have to discuss with Curtis further," Alex says.

"That's not a legal question. That's a mother question," Dr. Phil says. "Is your top priority to stay with Tony, or is your top priority to get your children back?"

[AD]"It's my children. It always has been my children, otherwise, I wouldn't spend the countless hours going to classes, and neither would Tony, and I wouldn't spend the countless hours driving 45 minutes to my mom's house to be with Leilah," Alex says. "So, obviously, it's my kids."

Erin addresses Alex. "Shouldn't you want to spend time with your daughter?" she asks. "It sounds a little bit like you drive 45 minutes because you're trying to show how great of a parent you are. You're not driving 45 minutes because you want to be with your daughter."

"Mom, I'm not getting into this with you," Alex says.

Dr. Phil says to Alex, "I'm just trying to visit some reality on you here."

"I know the reality. I get it. I've seen it. Everybody's explained it to me. I hear everybody," she says.

"I think what we're talking about is a short-term situation," Dr. Phil says. "If your number one priority is to get your children back, then Tony needs to be out of the home in the near term."

"Well, that will be something that I'll discuss with Curtis," Alex says. "So far, he hasn't told me to do anything. He's made suggestions to me. At this point, he's still in communication with the DCF attorney, and they're still talking."

"You're hearing what you want to hear. There's no question that your chances are going to be enhanced if he's not in the home, at least short-term," Dr. Phil makes clear. "It's probably not fair, but that's just how it is." He reiterates that it's a choice Alex has to make and live with. 


[AD]Dr. Phil continues. "There comes a point in time where you reach a decision point, and it's fast coming down the track, because you're going to have these evaluations, and then DCF is going to render a decision, and once that's done, it's real hard to un-ring a bell," he tells Alex. "Is what you're saying is you're going to take your chances with Tony in the home and see how it goes, or what are you saying here?"

"I'm not saying anything at this point," Alex replies. "I have a lot that Curtis and I are talking about. I know what I'm going to do, and unfortunately, right now, I'm not going to vocalize that to everyone."