DP Family Returns: Trouble with Alex: Alex behavior

“I Think You’re Ducking Meâ€

Erin joins Dr. Phil onstage, and Alex joins via satellite, because she's entering the third trimester in her pregnancy and thinks it's better if she doesn't fly.

"Last time I came out, I kind of had Braxton Hicks [contractions,] and with Leilah trying to come early, I just thought it would be best and safer if I stayed close to home," Alex explains.

[AD]"I think you just didn't want to come because I've been asking you really hard questions lately about you and Tony," Dr. Phil tells her. "I think you're ducking me."

"That's your opinion. You're entitled to it," she says.

"That's her favorite line," Erin chimes in.

"I'm trying to help you be the most effective mother that you can be, the most effective person that you can be to yourself. I think that requires some change and sacrifice on your part, and I think you don't like to step up to that," Dr. Phil tells Alex.


Dr. Phil explains that he finds Alexandra's attitude to be frustrating. He plays a video that Alex doesn't know about. It was taken during a commercial break at the taping of a recent show. On the video, Alex says, "I know what it is that I need to do. I appreciate that he's giving me advice, but, it's like, can we have a show where there's something positive that Alex does and not have something negative? My mom just gets away with telling people, ‘Hey, you live in a trailer. You're [expletive.]' Nobody every says anything to her. Ever. She's perfect, and then they wonder why I'm so bitter; because she's not perfect."

[AD]When the tape ends, Dr. Phil lists positives statements he's made to Alex in the past. "I said, ‘You've have stepped up and done everything DCF has asked you to do, you're plugging in, you're doing the work in joint therapy sessions with your mother, Tony has gone to classes and done what he's been asked to,'" he says. "I really am tired of firefighting and crises management, and I want to work on positive things."