DP Family Returns: Trouble with Alex: Drugs

"She Has Taken Medication that She Did Not Have a Current Prescription For"

"I'm really am worried about Alexandra and her health," Erin says. "There are times when she comes to the house, and she's stressed, she's throwing up. Alexandra is seven-and-a-half months pregnant, and this is her third child. It should be very obvious that she's pregnant, and you can hardly tell she's even pregnant."


Erin also expresses concern about her daughter's behavior. "She seems just very different, very agitated, her nose is running. Last summer, it was very bad. Her nose ran like a faucet," she explains. "Last summer, she had admitted to me that she had snorted Hydrocodone. I think she was really abusing prescription drugs at that time. To be perfectly honest, I'm not sure that she's really been able to really, completely stop."


In studio, Dr. Phil asks Alex, "Are you afraid of returning to those old habits after the baby is born?"


[AD]"I have thought about it, and I've actually looked into some of the programs and stuff that our community has to offer," she says. "Tony and my parenting teacher has really made a lot of options available for us."


"Have you remained a 100 percent drug-free during this pregnancy, or have you had a few slips along the way?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I've been drug free," she says.


Erin doesn't believe her daughter, and sparks flare as she calls her out for her behavior.

Dr. Phil has a stern warning for Alexandra and offers her advice.